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The Long Road Back #4 - Two Shoes Tuesday

Drum roll!  

This is the fourth and final post on the disappearance of Coleen.  Many of you commented last week that Jack should definitely involve the police.  The conclusion will take you just a little longer to read, and I look forward to your comments!

#4 - The Long Road Back
The house phone rang at 9 o’clock, and the officers jumped to turn on the monitoring equipment, thinking it could be a kidnapper calling.
Jack answered.  “Hello?”
“Dad, it’s Sue.  I haven’t been able to catch a flight back home to be with you yet.  How are things there?”  Everyone sat back into their chairs. 
“Honey, there isn’t much you can do here right now.  The police are helping us, but we still haven’t had any word from your mom or anyone who may know where she is.”  Jack looked at the officers in the room.  "I'll be in touch with you as soon as we hear anything.  In the meantime, keeping watching for a stand-by flight, and let us know if you get on one.”
After talking with Sue, Jack told the officers he needed to catch a bit of sleep.  He would have to go into the bank in the morning to take care of a few minor things, but wouldn’t be gone very long.  One of the officers left, and Trevor volunteered to stay up with the second one.  No one expected a call anymore that night.

The next morning Jack nervously dressed in casual clothes, fixed some coffee, and left for the bank.  He had not mentioned the call on his cell phone from the day before to anyone.  Arriving at the bank early, he made sure the vault was open in the back of the bank, and with some trial and error, figured out how to disarm the alarm system from the teller areas.  He listened to some condolences from his assistant, then apologized that he couldn't stay longer.  He looked around at his fellow employees, all working at their desks and oblivious to what might be taking place.  His heart was heavy.  There was still a chance.

As he left the bank, he placed a call to Sam Brody at the police department.

“Sam, it’s Jack.  I’m in a really serious situation here.  I got a call yesterday on my cell phone.”  He then proceeded to tell Sam what the call was about, and what he had done at the bank.

“Jack, you have done the right thing.  Chances are these are small time thieves, so if we can catch them, we can probably also find Coleen.  I promise you I will do all I can to get her back to you safely.  Now we know why she was abducted.  They needed your help at the bank.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you sooner.  I was just so afraid for Coleen.”

“We will work quickly to be ready for them when they come into the bank.  We probably have just a short time.”

The sting at the bank worked perfectly.  Some of Sam’s officers were stationed inside the vault with others dressed as bank customers and stationed in the lobby to protect the employees.  Most of the employees were moved away from their desks for safety.  There were three masked men who entered the bank around 9:30, and by 9:45 all of them were in custody.  With some interrogation, one of them revealed Coleen’s whereabouts, and they gave the police more information on the planning of the robbery.

Police were dispatched to a house near the train station on the south side of town, and there they found Coleen. She was taken to the police station, where Jack was waiting for her. 

“Jack, I’m so glad to see you!” Coleen cried as she melted into his arms. 

“Coleen, you have no idea.  Trevor is at the house, and Sue has been trying to get a flight back to the city.  The neighbors have been out looking for you, and I was almost accused in your disappearance.  It’s been a long two days.”

Sam interrupted her, saying, “Jack, we need for you and Coleen to come into the office.  We need to talk.”

Jack and Coleen followed Sam into his office, where another officer was waiting as well.  Sam looked briefly at some notes on his desk.

“We have a very uncomfortable situation here.  The men we arrested from the robbery have indicated to us that Coleen was involved with the leader, Kevin Carver, and that she was part of the plan, not a victim.  Coleen, what do you have to say about this?”
Coleen looked down at the floor, her face ashen, but did not speak.

“Kevin Carver?” said, Jack, standing up and shouting.  “Kevin is a former employee at the bank!  He was fired about six weeks ago.  What does he have to do with you?”  He turned to Coleen for an answer, but Coleen still could not face him.

“We know about Carver's employment, Jack”, said Sam.   “Evidently there has been a relationship building between Mr. Carver and your wife, and between them they decided to get money from the bank.  He wanted his revenge, and they needed money to get out of town.”

Coleen turned to Jack.  “I’m so sorry, Jack.  I have no excuses. Things with Kevin just got out of hand.  Can you ever forgive me?”

“You have the right to remain silent.......” The officer began to read Coleen her rights and took hold of her arm to lead her out of the office.  Jack slumped down in his chair.  He couldn't even look at her.

Sam walked around his desk and put his hand on Jack’s shoulder.  “Jack, I know this is really hard for you.  We will be charging Coleen with conspiracy, but she could be released on bail after she is arraigned tomorrow.  What are your thoughts?”

“I’ll find a place for her to stay, as I’m not ready to have her come home right now if she makes bail.  Sam, for Coleen, this will be a long road back to her family.  That is if she even wants to try, and I have no idea how to react to all this.  I can't believe I didn't know something was going on!”

Jack left the police station to go home to Travis.  He made a call to his attorney to send him to the police station to deal with Coleen.  How would he tell his children?  What could have gone wrong with his relationship with Coleen?  How long had this been going on?  So many questions.  

How would you have ended the story?
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