Thursday, September 25, 2014

Two More Zoo Critters for a Saturday

Happy Saturday, my friends.  I have just two more zoo critters to share with you and with Eileen for Saturday Critters.  Saturday's CrittersSo next week, I'm going to have to come up with something new to share!

The first is the Giraffe.  I am always fascinated not only at the long neck and long legs, but at the incredible art work on the coat.  I'm sure no two of them are the same, but the pattern is fairly similar.  A beautiful animal.

Isn't she cute?  I'm sure my Australian, Tanzanian, and New Zealand friends are very familiar with these guys.  Some grow quite large, but usually in the zoos they aren't very big.  This mama has a joey in her pouch.  Now I can't swear that this is a kangaroo or a wallaby, so I'm open to clarification.  

Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend.  And again, take some time to go and watch the animals at the zoo.  So delightful.  We are babysitting with our grandson this weekend, so hard to say what is in store for us.  Football is on Saturday (that's touch football. as he is only 7).  The kids wear these bands with strips hanging from them, and the opposing team goes for pulling one of these off instead of tackling.  They are stuck on the bands with Velcro.

Linda Kay
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