Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom #2

Our topic for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom for September 17th is:  What is your experience with weight control; what works and what doesn't? Please share your thoughts on this subject with us.  You can't tell, with your advice, we might all be slim and trim by Christmas!

Remember that we are looking for wisdom and wit.  So see if you can give an example of your wisdom that also includes a bit of humor.  You can get full details here, a separate page of my blog.

My personal tip for today is:  Don't call it a diet! 

It is really hard to remember now those days when I was really slim and didn't think twice about my weight. I was working, running after kiddos and had a very busy life.  I walked with a friend for exercise, but cooked with lots of starch and fat, etc.  All of a sudden in my 40s life happened!  I gained some weight that put me from a size 10 to a size 14!  Looking at pictures of my very German ancestry, it occurred to me that I had inherited the pear shape of my paternal grandmothers.

At the time it was in vogue to do the Grapefruit diet...eat half a grapefruit in the morning to start off the day.  I don't remember the rest of the plan.  So I started buying grapefruits, lost a couple of pounds, then got tired of it, and gained them back.  The Adkins diet really worked, along with exercise, to drop quite a few pounds.  And I managed to keep them off for several years...back to size 10.  

As always, at least some of the weight comes back on without careful monitoring.  We get distracted from regular exercise and controlled eating.  After all, we are only human, and we love good food.  I've notice that many of my blogger friends are vegetarians, but I grew up eating meats, so that isn't a course of action for me.  So my next diversion into weight control was the smoothies with the protein power.  I went to the health food store and bought the protein powder, picked up some frozen fruits for the freezer (you know the ones you can open and close for freshness), and started fixing some smoothies for breakfast.  It didn't take long to also get tired of that.

So here is my theory.  Exercise, exercise...30 minutes minimum each day.  Walking is my favorite, as I can also take my puppy along and train her.  We have a pool in the subdivision, so that's a possibility.  The water weights and water aerobics are really good for strength building.  And with some friends, it's a good time to catch up on the latest news.  Then it's all about smaller portions.  When we go out, we split meals.  Eating at home, I control portions.  

Did I mention that my hubby is the victim of my various plans for dieting?  He is an apple shape guy, Type 2 diabetic, and has family history to contend with.  He just smiles and goes along with whatever plan I'm on, bless his heart.  But we keep working at weight control.  We just don't call it a diet!  

I found this article in AARP.  See what you think!

Share with us your experience with weight control!  Thanks!       Linda Kay

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