Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom #3


Our topic for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom for September 24th is:  What is the funniest Halloween costume you have seen or created?  Please share your thoughts on this subject with us.  I'll share a story with you and look forward to your stories as well.

Remember that we are looking for wisdom and wit.  So see if you can give an example of a bit of humor.  You can get full details here, a separate page of my blog.

My Story....the funniest Halloween costume:  Sorry I don't have a picture to share!

I was living in Central Illinois on a street in a small town, where the families were young and the kids had lots of friends to play with.  We decided to have a Halloween costume party at our home, inviting the neighbors.  Two of the older kids were babysitting for all of our younger ones.  We had arranged for an older gentleman to judge the costumes, and everyone was really into the spirit.

The usual costumes arrived, some home made and some purchased with various ugly masks or strange hairpieces.  Then my dear neighbor lady arrived in a darling little pink outfit, her hair in ponytails, a tutu for a skirt, little white socks turned down, black mary janes shoes, and was licking a sucker.  So cute.  So we asked her where her husband was.  Now you have to visualize this fellow.  He was about 5'6 inches tall and a bit of a round shape, but a really fun guy.  He arrived in a diaper with huge diaper pins and with a binky in his mouth!  I thought we would all have a heart attack!  Who would have the nerve to walk across the street and show up at a party dressed (or undressed) like that!?  

Now it's your turn.....

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