Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boerne, Recess, Fences, Etc.

Last Friday we had a little time to kill, and I had BYG Adventures' Pondering word "recess" on my mind, and always am considering the Good Fences for the Run Around Ranch Report.  Thanks Theresa and Brenda for never letting my mind go to sleep!  ;-)

We had the dogs on their leashes and walked along the trail at the park.  I'm not sure how long that walking trail is, but I'm thinking it's a good half mile.  There are a few picnic tables at various spots along the way.  A small building holds a Coke machine for your convenience and a couple of water fountains as well.  Across the river from where we were standing I noticed that there was a house and a terraced walkway in a recess from the river:

One could hardly see the house, but note the rock wall.  If you enlarge the picture, you can see more of the background.  There is also a reflection on the water, but I'll address reflections some other day.

This sculpture of a mother duck and her ducklings is an attraction for kids to climb on.  It's been there for a long time already, so those ducklings must be pretty well secured.

People from little kids to old folks come to the river to feed the ducks and geese.  There are many varieties, and you do need to watch out for the droppings all over the sidewalk and in the grass.  There are two platforms like this one for people to sit on out over the water.

Some people are so clever....this restaurant across the road from the river is called the Dodging Duck Restaurant.  Considering all the ducks and the danger on the road, I thought this was really cute.  And they have good food as well.

Now for the fence.  I have two things to share with you.  The first is a picture of an artwork (now at the top of my blog) done by my brother Dan, who is a retired minister and a wood-working artist.  Dan creates these pieces of art called "marquetry" as small pieces of wood laid together in a design.  He does not use any stains, just uses a variety of woods to create the piece.  Note the fence in the bottom right of the picture.

The second one is of the progress of the gate into the Former Texas Rangers' Museum that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not sure what they are doing, but hope this all comes together.  Looks very strange, what do you think?  Like something is still missing?

I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Note that the tower in the back is not part of the gate or the fence.  It is quite a ways down the hill from the fence.  

Have a wonderful day, and stay away from those duck droppings!  

Linda Kay
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