Friday, October 17, 2014

Five Thoughts For A Friday

The week of October 5th through the 12th was really busy.  There was so much going on, that I wasn't sure what the day was until I looked at the calendar.  I'm sure you have all experienced this as well, but I'll share some of the things that are on my mind from that week.

1.  Book Signings - I always knew that if I ever published a book that one of the hardest things to do would be to promote it.  My dear friends had a book signing for me in the subdivision, and we had a lovely time greeting neighbors and some from outside the neighborhood.  That was on Oct. 5th.  Then on the 11th, I had a book signing at Hastings in Kerrville.  This is a book, video, cd, dvd, etc. etc. store, and they allowed me to drag in all my stuff for a book signing.  All went well, and I'm busy sending out free downloads for the winners of the drawing.  I'm having fun!

2.  High school reunion - My older daughter met up with some girlfriends in Nashville this last weekend for a girls' weekend.  The four of them met up in Illinois, where three of them still live and decided at that time that they needed to plan something for old times sake. How about you, do you still keep in touch with high school friends?  There are a few from my class who keep in touch on Facebook, and our last class president keeps us informed of family issues of classmates.  We plan to all meet up in Hawaii in 2017!

3.  Fish Fry-

 The small town of Stonewall had a fish fry on Friday night, and this is attended by probably 10 times the population of the town.  (I've heard the total is 2,500). It is a fundraiser for the Fire Department and EMTs.  In the area, there are several of these fish fries, but many think this is the best one.  There is also a raffle for a number of donated items, so many buy these raffle tickets at six for $20.  The food is by free will donation.  Needless to say our name was not drawn!

Looks pretty yummy, don't you think?  There is fish (catfish fillets), beans, cole slaw, sweet rice, and all the trimmings.

 We went to see Gone Girl.  Now I need to read the book.  Oh my this movie is really gross and very creepy.  If you are really offended by blood or by sex, then don't go.  The story is pretty riveting, but you have to get past all that goes on during the movie to find the story.  Whew!

5.  Hubby and I are dancing!  Well, let's say we are trying to learn the Texas 2 Step and the Waltz.  I may have mentioned this already, but it's on my mind.  We have been practicing here at home, and we had our last lesson on Monday night.  

And speaking of Monday, in the afternoon my book club friends were escorted around some of the town by Celia Hayes.  Celia writes historical fiction, and wrote a trilogy about this area as it was inhabited by German immigrants.  Celia writes a blog, which I've linked here.  It was a very enjoyable time.

Then to top off our week, we attended the Riverbend church in Austin with some friends on Sunday.  This is a mega-church with unbelievable music and a lovely campus.  We went to lunch before returning to Fredericksburg.

Whew!  Are you exhausted?  Now we are off to Arizona to meet up with friends for a 65th birthday celebration (my hubby had a birthday in May).  There are eight couples meeting up from all over.  We originally all met when we were living in Morton, Illinois.  We attended church together there.  We would go to the eight o'clock service, then go to a restaurant for breakfast....The Culture Club.  I'll share some pictures next week.

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Have a good weekend!

Linda Kay


eViL pOp TaRt said...

How wonderful, you and your husband taking a dance class!!

Tanya Breese said...

yay on your success with the book and book signings, that is wonderful! i want to read gone girl too, i've not seen the movie but want to read the book first. i'll probably end up catching the movie on dvd later...i keep up with some high school friends on facebook but i live across the country from all of them! have fun with the dance lessons...oh that fish fry sounds delish!! thank you for linking and have a super weekend :)

TexWisGirl said...

congrats on the book signings!

i wish fish fries down here used something other than catfish. yuck. :)

Mike said...

2. Some (6-10) classmates from grade school meet once a month for dinner. I make it there about every other month.

4. Now I have to see the movie.

Bethany Carson said...

Enjoy your time in Arizona! The fish fry sounds delicious! So neat that you and your husband are learning to dance together--reminds me of a couple I know who would play "Waltz Across Texas." The wife sings, and the husband plays the accordion--it would be good dancing music!

Gosia k said...

You have had a nice and busy time. Singing the book is a great idea. Class reunion are popular at my place , too.

Betsy Adams said...

That is just so neat about your book... Book signings and exposure are SO important --so keep on doing as many as possible... Good Luck.

I have alot of childhood friends.. Four of us used to meet every year for a few days of Girl-Fun together.. Now--two of them have passed away... Sad! BUT---I keep up with friends on Facebook.

Bet the fish fry was delicious.... YUM...

Bet you'll enjoy the dancing --and it's great exercise also.


Lin Floyd said...

you keep busy, good luck with the book sales!

Michelle F said...

Congratulations on the book signings.
Looks like your making progress in promoting your book.

I still keep in touch with 2 friends from school. I went to one reunion and decided not to go again. Hawaii sounds like it's going to be a fun trip.

Our small town, where I grew up, had fish-fries but I'm not sure if they still do. If we move to N.C. the first thing I can't wait to eat is fresh seafood.

I think I'll pass on seeing Gone Girl. I'm still hoping to see The Song.

Have a fun weekend.
I'll be busy helping a couple move.

Marie said...

Yes! Out of breath, but in a happy way! You have been having quite a week and will have another one on your trip to AZ (where I now live!) for the birthday celebration! OK, I'm excited for you having your book signings! My Mom's book is almost ready to go to print (Living Life on Main Street)...Love the fish fry! They are always fun. We used to go to Austin quite a bit when we lived in Ledbetter. Can't wait to hear more about your busy life! And, I'll be checking out your books!

Grantham Lynn said...

Wow what a busy time and you took the time to come by and visit me! How sweet. Wow that you had a book signing. That is so cool. I've always wanted to write. I guess I've lost the chance now. So cool you met the author and got to tour with her. That would be so cool. We never go to movies but I wanted to see that one and the Nicholas Sparks one but I am afraid it'll end sad!
Well have a great weekend and thanks again for coming by!

Gail said...

Congratulations on your book signings.

The Waltz is my all time favorite dance. It just makes me feel beautiful.

Janie Junebug said...

I've had a busy week, too, what with editing and taking Franklin on some long walks to help ease our depression over Harper's death. Congratulations on getting the signings. They can be hard to come by. I haven't read Gone Girl. I want to, but don't know when I'll get to it. I've heard such good things about the acting in the movie. The sex and blood won't bother me. I worked in a nursing home and an acute care clinic.


The Armchair Squid said...

The fish fry looks like fun. I'm a big fan of public meals. We get quite a few around here - chicken pie supper most recently.

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