Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghost Town in New MexicoI

As we were traveling last week, we noted a ghost town on the way out west, then managed to stop by on our way back to get some photos.  My hubby is sooooo good about helping me get to the right spot to take a picture, some of which are a bit off the beaten path.  I was a little nervous getting out of the car.  It was eerily quiet, so kind of creepy.  These were taken just inside the border in New Mexico from Arizona.  This may have been a pretty active little town at some point, but has long been deserted.

This must have been an entrance at some point. Note the truck in the distance on Hwy 10

It appears that the store front says "Steins Mercantile" as near as I can tell.  I wonder what one might shop for here?

Common fencing evidently to protect the area.  

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Linda Kay
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