Sunday, October 26, 2014

Las Cruces, Along the Way West

From where we are in Texas, it is a long, long drive across Texas and into New Mexico.  We decided to make a stop in Las Cruces, New Mexico for an overnighter and were there early enough to go to dinner. 

On I-10 headed west, the speed limit is usually 80.  Note that the sign appears to be leaning backward from all the speeding vehicles!  

There are wide open spaces between the towns along the way and lots of desert with a few mountains thrown in as you reach El Paso.  Then I-10 heads just a bit north into New Mexico where the time changes.

In New Mexico

Very Dry with Snake Warnings

Dinner was delicious at this restaurant - La Posta de Mesilla (the street it's on)

Unusual decor

Strange Rock formations like boulders just before we crossed into Arizona.

Have a great week and a fabulous Monday.  Linking with Blue Monday with all this sky!  Thanks for hosting, Sally.

Linda Kay

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