Sunday, October 12, 2014

My First Home

Now I'm joining a new meme for Monday called Memory Monday at Retired Not Tired.  You can check this out to read other's stories on "My First Home" here.

This image from the internet isn't far from the looks of our first apartment.  My first husband and I were married when I was just barely 19.  We left Illinois and drove to LA where he had a job at an airplane factory, and had found an apartment for $75. per month on his then $62 week salary.  I was going to school, so needless to say, we had no extra money, except for what we had been given as wedding presents.  After struggling for a while on one paycheck, I left school and went to work for American Honda Motor Company in accounting, with just two years of school behind me.  The apartment was certainly adequate.  The city is so huge, that we were really overwhelmed with having to drive anywhere.  We had some fun neighbors, and a young pastor and his wife from our church, to spend time with.  Those were really crazy days.  But in our weekend time, we used to dream of having a place of our own.  The only possibility in those days was a mobile home.

This picture is much more elaborate than anything we might be able to get.  We wandered through mobile home lots and looked at all the possibilities.  My son-in-law likes to tease me about my "dream home".  But I recently saw something on TV about these elaborate homes in California that are converted mobile homes.  Check out this website.  Since SIL has a bit of property west of us in Texas, he recently thought maybe he needed to bring in a "dream home" to set up on the property for hunting friends and family.  It's always fun to banter with him, but I thought this was a great opportunity to remind him of the "dream home".  Life has changed for the better!

Happy Monday

Linda Kay
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