Friday, October 3, 2014

Polly Dog - Critters Saturday

This last week there has been some time spent on Cats and how cuddly they can be.  So I thought I'd share some pictures of Polly Dog, a Yorkie/Maltese mix who is now about 17 months old.  Polly and I walk almost every morning.  She waits anxiously for me to finish my breakfast, get dressed, and put her leash on.  She was a bit of a spazzo for a long time, but is doing much better walking with me.  At night she likes to sit on my lap in the recliner, where I'm either crocheting or watching the tube.

Here, she is laying back against my legs, looking for a tummy rub.  She looks a bit more tan in this picture, but is really more silver and gray, as you will see in the next picture.

Who knows how any creature can sleep in this position?  She is leaning her head back with her feet in the air.  It was really hard to get a picture without waking her.

She finally gave up on me and cuddled up to Jerry on the couch.  At the first small noise, she is up and wide awake, being just a puppy yet.  

So much fun to have a puppy, no matter how frustrating she might be because of her energy level!

Now she has been to the beauty shop!

This was on Facebook, pulled from You Tube.  Pretty Cute.

Linking up to Eileen at Saturday Critters.  Thanks for hosting!

Have a special Saturday,

Linda Kay

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