Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pondering Litter

The word 'litter' was a fun topic to peruse today from BYG Adventures, so thanks for the challenge, Brenda.

My first use of the word litter is for the puppies that might be born to one mama.  

Click here to go to the website where these puppies are offered for sale.  Doesn't the mama look absolutely exhausted?!

There are an amazing number of cat litters available on the market.  Each one claims to have no odor.  Really?  I think it's up to the cat owner to make sure the box is cleaned out fairly often to make sure the odor is not there.  Sorry for the intrusion, Kitty Kat.  Someone else took this picture.

This is a litter to carry a person.  A litter was often used to transport royalty by lifting the carriage onto long beams to be carried by subordinates.

And finally, the one with which we are all familiar - trash in the streets.  Why are folks so busy that they can't take the time to through the trash from their drinks and sandwiches into a trash receptacle.  To see this litter along the roads and streets makes me crazy!

Then, of course, there is the litter of clothes scattered on the floor for those who still have children or husbands (or themselves) who don't pick up and put away.  Be sure to visit Brenda to see what others have come up with to address the word litter.

Have a lovely Thursday, and please use the trash cans!

Linda Kay
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