Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Slide, Slide, Slide

Good Friends, I will be posting along my route to Arizona and back in the next few days.  I may not have a chance to comment on all your posts on your blogs, but I'll be back!  We are spending a few days with some dear friends from Illinois.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes it's really a challenge to come up with just the right discourse on the words Brenda comes up with.  Today's word is "slide"... hmmmm

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the slide at the playground.  How may of us don't remember the slide on the playground, and those kids who used to push the younger ones down ahead of them.  Then when our own kids were sliding, we had to stand at the bottom to catch them.  There were always some mulch or some sand at the bottom for softer landings.  But there were many a scraped knee.  

McDonald's brought in a whole new adventure with it's playgrounds in the restaurants.  Did you know you can buy McDonald's equipment on the net?  Check this out.

Here's my favorite little baseball player getting ready to throw out a guy who is trying to slide into first base!

Many of you will remember this little machine.  With the old 35mm cameras, we used to create these wonderful slides that we could display on a blank wall with this slide projector.  The carousel would hold a large number of slides, and with the click of a button, you could advance through the slides to tell the story of your trip.  Hubby took some fabulous pictures of a trip we took back in the 90s to Russia, Czech Republic and Poland, and these are all on slides.  We have since given away the projector and carousels, but we still have all those pictures on slides.  I'll put the conversion of these to a disk on my "to do" list.

And my last thought is for the people who just seem to be content to slide by through life.  There is a greater degree of not taking responsibility for activity or even non-activity.  What's your theory or commentary on "sliding by?"

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Linda Kay

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