Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom #5 - Home Buying and Selling

Here's your challenge for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom #5 for October 8th.  Most of us have gone through some interesting times buying or selling a house. What's your experience? Good or Bad, Funny or Sad.  Check out the instructions for linking in on here and join the fun.

Sharing with you one of our experiences in selling a house:

We had owned the house to your left for about four years.  It's a beautiful home, and it is on a hill up from a fishing lake.  When we bought the house, the lake was full, as it was in the late autumn.  Not being Texans, we had no idea of what the summer does to lakes in Texas.  We even considered building a house on the lot next to us and selling this one.  However, when the rains did not come down, the lake did go down until you could walk way out into the lake bottom and never get your feet wet.  We also had some issues with the HOA and the water resources, as well as the cost of the utilities.  We loved the house, but unfortunately could not move it to where we might want to be.

We have always loved the Hill Country, and when we were here we would go find our real estate agent (Rocky) and get him to show us around in our now subdivision.  Finally the house we wanted came up for sale.  Considering that we had not yet sold the one in the picture, we took out a bridge loan, said our prayers, and put it up for sale, buying our new home.  We took enough furniture to Fredericksburg to be able to spend some time there, and started packing as though we were going to sell the house on the lake.  

One day while we were in Fredericksburg our real estate agent for the lake house called and told us that she had an offer for a cash purchase for $xxx, and the buyer would pay all the selling costs.  Now when you put a house on the market, you have to consider the selling fees in your price.  So we had to get out our calculators to see what that would mean for us.  We countered with a bit higher offer, and the buyer came back with an offer to also include the lot next door.  When it was all said and done, we came out just fine, sold the lake house within six weeks.  It was an amazing leap of faith, but it all worked out.  I guess you could say it was meant to be.  We love our new home, our utilities are much less, we are close to some of our children and grandchild, and we have fabulous neighbors.  And we don't have to worry about whether there is water in the lake!

Have a great Day!

Linda Kay

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