Monday, November 17, 2014

A Short Story #1-Judy's New Life

As a writer, I enjoy a chance to create a story.  With the prompts from Josie 2 Shoes for this Tuesday, here begins a new story for your enjoyment.  My soap opera for the blog, if you will.  Look for the continuation of the story each Tuesday, using Josie's prompts.  Today the prompts are observe and omen.  The title of this short story is "Judy's New Life"

Judy's New Life Post # 1

Nightfall crept in on the sea of fog that covered the grounds in the old cemetery.  Judy came to visit the grave sites of her parents and grandparents on this gloomy, overcast day, seeking someone who would listen.  No interruptions, no accusations, and no judgments would emanate from these cold, inscribed marble slabs. At least one would hope not.  These people always loved her and wanted her to be happy.  Not so for many of the rest of the world. 

Judy sat on the damp ground, feeling the cold seep into her bones, as though those buried here were pulling her into their world.  Around her the trees rustled as the wind picked up.  With tears in her eyes she shared her deep sorrow with her family.  Her husband had left her.  The children were torn between them, each taking a side as to who was at fault.  She had no job or savings to pull from.  How would she survive on her own, supporting her children and keeping a roof over their heads?  The betrayal was unbearable.  How could she have been so blind that she didn't see that Duane was having an affair?

In the silence of the cemetery, Judy observed the lights of a car pulling into the narrow path that led into the grounds.  She watched its approach, temporarily distracted from her tears and lament.  The car came to a stop a short distance away, and a woman stepped out of the car.  She walked slowly toward Judy.  At a grave stone just ten feet away, the woman placed a bouquet of flowers on the grave and kissed the stone.  With a brief glance at Judy, she began to walk away.  Then she turned back.
“God bless you, my dear.  This too shall pass.”  With no other comment, she walked on to her car and drove away.  Judy watched her pull out onto the path and drive out onto the highway.

“This too shall pass?”  Judy contemplated the phrase for a moment.  Could this be an omen of good things to come or an omen of the sadness that would continue to haunt her existence?  She stood up, and after gently touching the surface of her parent’s headstone, Judy walked to her car.  As rain began to fall and the wind picked up, Judy wondered how she would face tomorrow.

To be continued next Tuesday......

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