Friday, November 14, 2014

Five Random Thoughts for a Friday

I really do love the opportunity to share some random thoughts with you on this Friday.  It's been a busy week and I have no explanation where all the time went.  I'm just hanging on for the ride, since it seems like all planning is a loss.  But I'll join in with Tanya to consider some things that have popped into my mind, Around Roanoke for Willy Nilly Friday 5.  

1.  The theater last Friday was great.  The reviews were a bit average, but we really enjoyed the show.  It followed the movie (Dirty Dancing) very well, and the dancing was great.  I would agree that the chemistry was a bit lacking.  Here we all are just before dinner and the show.   We dined at Luke Restaurant inside the Embassy Suites Hotel Riverwalk.  Angel is very tall, so Heidi and I had her sit down on a stool.  Love these girls!

2.  Are you a collector?  My Jerry is a collector extraordinaire!  He has coins packed away at the bank, toys from when he was a kid, antiques from his family, walruses, cameras, ducks from the Ducks Unlimited collection, rocks, and the list goes on and on.  These little toys you see on the shelf are ones he played with as a kid, confiscated from his mom's old farmhouse when she moved to town.  There are many more, even some of those little rubber farm animals and people, even cowboys and 'Native Americans'. Some of the walruses are on the next shelf up.  I think there are some 30 or so now.  (Sigh)

3.  We do have a little bit of autumn in Texas.  This is a bald cypress, I'm told, and it is really quite beautiful right now.  It is along the street going up the hill to our house, and is beside the creek that flows through the compound neighborhood.

4.  Some of you posted pictures of your grandchildren in costumes for Halloween.  So I thought I'd let you see how Carson was dressed for the event.  I thought he was really cute in the picture.  The police gave him some handcuffs to wear on his belt and let him put on one of their hats.  Isn't he just the cutest?

5.  And finally, a picture of the finished afghan I made for my oldest granddaughter's wedding coming up in May.  I haven't pressed it as yet, just finished it.  There are 48 crocheted squares and then a finishing border after they are sown together.  Whew, glad to have that done!

Thanks for hosting, Tanya.  All have a wonderful weekend!  I'm trying to look for a picture for Eileen's Saturday critters!
Around Roanoke

Linda Kay
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