Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Catch Ups - Food, Museum, Galaxy 4, Polly

It was cold in Texas late last week since my last Friday Fragments, Willy Nilly 5, so I'm catching up today with some new stuff:  (Thanks for hosting, ladies)

We had some leftover chicken and some veggies I wanted to use up, so I made some chicken pot pies.  It was nice to have the oven on.  The simple directions for these is to first saute some onion, diced potatoes and celery in some butter, then make a roux.  Before it browns, add milk and cream until it thickens. Then add some cubed cooked chicken, chopped carrots, frozen peas, maybe a little red pepper, some salt and pepper.  Cut out pie crust to fit over some small ramekins.  Dish some of the cooked vegetables into the ramekin, top with the pie crust and bake until the pie crust is nicely browned.  I make these ahead and freeze them for a quick lunch or a light supper.  Here's the preparation:

And here's the result:  I need to give my neighbor Sharon some credit for getting me into making these.  Thanks, Sharon!  She makes a killer pot pie.  Actually, she's a great cook, and had Thanksgiving Dinner with her and some other neighbors, Coleen and Henry.

This is my early Christmas present from my Hubby.  I still am figuring out how to use it effectively, and it makes me crazy.  The A T & T store guy today told me to get a video from YouTube that says "a guide to using my Galaxy 4"!  I think it is smarter than me, and I don't know how to stop it!

How about a progress report on the Texas Rangers Museum they are building across the street from the entrance to the subdivision. Here's the almost finished tower. Just to the right of this a huge Texas Ranger Star is embedded in a circle of concrete. 

And here is the museum building from Stage 1.  This will be a reception area when it is all finished.

Bob Price Chevrolet opened a dealership in Fredericksburg recently.  Everyone received an ad with a prize number for you to bring in to claim a prize.  Needless to say, we didn't win anything big.  But how would you like to have this cutie?  Vroom, Vroom!

I took a picture of Polly as she looked up over the pillow on the couch last night.  It's kind of bright, makes her look white instead of gray, but she is such a love.

Hope you are all recovering from Thanksgiving Day and eating lots of those yummy leftovers.  I'm sure you could put them into pot pies!

Linda Kay
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