Monday, November 17, 2014

It's Monday! at Random

Random-osity has a meme:  Good, Random, Fun.  So I'm joining that on this Monday morning to share a couple of thoughts with you. 
Join the fun.

My daughter Angel (she's the tall daughter for those of you who keep up with me) went to her OBGYN on Thursday, mainly to check on a small lump under her breast.  The good news is that it is merely a small gland that is swollen for some reason.  But she's having a mammo anyway, cuz she is 40!  Praise the Lord for relief from worry!

This could also maybe qualify as fun.  I received my weekly issue of my hometown paper, The Delavan Times on Saturday.  Each week the editor includes some information that appeared in a paper many years ago.  They are celebrating 140 consecutive years of publishing.  In the Times on page eight from Wednesday, November 5, 2014, this article was from Saturday, November 21, 1874.

"Indicted" -"S.S.C, proprietor of the gin mill on Fifth Street has been indicted by the Grand Jury of Tazewell County on two counts, one for selling liquor to a minor and the other for keeping a tippling house open on Sunday. As a trial before a grand jury admits evidence for the prosecution only and an indictment is merely an accusation made by the grand jury and based by the evidence of one side only, of course, Mr C is yet to be proven guilty.  It has, however, for a long time been evident that the State laws prohibiting dealers from selling liquors to minors, and on Sunday, have been completely ignored by vendors of ardent spirits in this place; and as successful have they been, not only in the legalized part of their nefarious calling, but also in evading State laws and by litigation triumphing over town ordinances, that it would seem they have become permanent fixtures and all efforts to dislodge them must end in failure.  But every dog has its day and we believe the poison trade in Delavan is about defunct.  The temperance people of this place evince a strong determination to suppress the evil and we sincerely hope their efforts may result successfully.  But their enemies are men who are not to be frightened by pretense and parade; nor will they stop for any outlay of expense to further their cause.  The temperance people must meet money by money, nerve by nerve, and trade off their gloves while so engaged in suppressing the liquor traffic."

My, haven't things changed?  Some of the stories in these issues are very interesting.  And don't you just love the rhetoric?  


You remember my little Polly? She's a little yorkie/maltese and is now a year and a half.  Since I had my heavier slippers out with the cold spell in Texas, Polly confiscated this one from my closet.  I didn't record the sound, but she was growling a bit at me when I took the picture to warn me that she was now in control of the slipper.  Then her sister Izzy came over grumbling as well, protecting Polly's prey.  So funny.

1874, Temperence.....and no drinking on Sunday, for sure!

Have a great Monday
Linda Kay
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