Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Judy's New Life #2

The story continues.......

When Judy arrived home, there was a note on the counter from her husband.  He had taken some of his clothes and would be in touch with her to get the rest of his things.  He also gave her the name of the attorney he had hired to file for divorce, but suggested that if she wanted to file first, he would wait until the following Monday.  There was also the name of another attorney she might be interested in noted on his message.

Judy didn't know whether to be sad or angry.  He was still trying to control her, to orchestrate her every move.  He had the children with him for the night and would return them to her in the morning to get ready for school.  She wondered what he was telling them.  Carl was 18, Gina was 16 and Sandra was just 14.  How would he explain to them that he had found another woman to be with?  It was almost comical to think of.  She made herself a cup of tea and found the telephone directory.  Turning to “attorneys” she found the name of the one she wanted and jotted down the number.  There was no way she would go to the one Duane had suggested.  Probably a good friend of his.

Sleep was illusive during the night with thoughts of being alone, finding an attorney, talking to the kids.  It was all so overwhelming and unexpected.  There was never a thought in her mind that she would be a divorcee.  What about their friends?  Would they take sides?  Who was going to look out for her needs?  Was there anyone she could talk to in confidence? 

In the wee hours of the morning before the sun was breaking on the horizon, Judy fixed a cup of coffee and put in a piece of toast.  She walked past the hallway mirror and was horrified to see her swollen eyes.  With a shower and a bit of makeup she was ready to face the kids when Duane brought them home.  She couldn't let them know how weak she felt.  She made a quick phone call to her friend Kathy.

“Kathy I know it’s really early, but I wondered if we could get together for lunch.  I really need someone to talk to.”
“Sure, Judy.  How about I meet you at Larson’s for lunch at around 11:30.  I’ll be at the gym, so can just stop by there on my way back.”

With her lunch date set, Judy was ready to begin to face the challenges of her new life.

Linking with Two Shoes Tuesday with the words want and need.  This presents a big conflict for Judy.  And here is your opportunity to help me write the story.  I have a couple of questions for you:
1.  What will her friend have to say to her?
2.  Any ideas about the attorney?
3.  What will she discover about herself?

( I have some thoughts about what will happen next, but I'd love to hear your ideas.)

Linda Kay
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