Monday, November 3, 2014

Junk at Tortilla Flat

All around the area at Tortilla Flat AZ, there were a number of items that appeared to be pretty junkie - rubbish if you will for Roan's Rubbish on a Tuesday.  And in participation with Josie 2 Shoes, I am about done with the pictures from this fun spot in the road.  All of you will be dancing to know that this is the end of it!

This old wagon has definitely seen it's better day!  And it's full of an array of junk as well.

This old stagecoach with the fake horses was interesting.  And note that there is a museum behind it with a very tentative cupola.  The fence is pretty well shot as well.  Not sure they even try to maintain any of this.  Kind of goes with the decor.

I found this between the restaurant and the mercantile.  How many items can you identify in this picture?

Thanks for hosting the memes ladies!

Linda Kay
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