Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Family - Veterans Day

Joining today with Retired-Not-Tired for Memory Monday.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Before I start with my family commentary, I want to first recognize anyone out there who has served in the military on this Veterans' Day to say Thank You for your Service!  My older daughter and son-in-law are veterans, so I am aware of the sacrifice made by those who have taken time out from themselves to serve their country.

100% of my ancestors came from Germany, from the farmlands around Emden.  They were farmers, cobblers and craftsmen.  We were able to visit these little towns of Rysum and Twixlun a couple of years ago.  My dad's parents came through Ellis Island, but my mother's parents were born here in the states.  My parents grew up on farms just less than ten miles apart and met at a local town homecoming.  I have three brothers; Dan a Lutheran Minister, Dave on the farm where I grew up, and Kevin who is deceased.  Now don't go thinking I'm spoiled because I'm the only girl!

From my first marriage, I have three wonderful children.  Heidi is married to Charlie and they have our grandson Carson, who you have seen on the blog.  They are in Boerne, TX.

Randy is married to Tracy and they have two children, Dalton and Grace.  They currently live in Auburn, IL, but are moving to Texas with us in the Spring/Summer.

Angel has three lovely girls.  She lives in Kerrville, TX...just down the road from us and is a representative for the Ranch Radio Station.

From the left is Kenze (17), Angel, Macy (18, college freshman) and Lexi (getting married in May to Tyler).  They are all as sweet as they are beautiful.

Here are the five of us at a recent family reunion with all the cousins, brothers, etc.

I consider myself very fortunate to have my children and my wonderful hubby, Jerry in my life.  We definitely have our moments like any others, but for the most part really enjoy living life together.  This next summer I will have all of my children (not the grands) here in Texas within an hours drive.  

Happy Veterans' Day to all the vets out there.  God Bless

Linda Kay
Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

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