Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sunday in Fredericksburg

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned in a blog previous to this that there are many, many churches in Fredericksburg.  
This is the Vereins Kirche, featured in the article about Fredericksburg History.  It was the first public structure built in Fredericksburg back in the day, in the middle of a street.  It has since been moved to the park adjacent to where it was originally built.  In addition to the Vereins Kirche there are listed in the phone book eight major churches, of which four are Lutheran of various synods.  Not surprising in view of the German heritage.  

As you can imagine there are large crowds at these churches on Sunday mornings.

In addition to church services on Sunday, the shops are open in the afternoon, the Admiral Nimitz Museum is open to visitors, and the wineries are serving until later in the afternoon.  And, if you want to ponder on the hereafter, the movie "Left Behind" is showing at the Fritztown Cinema.  

What's going on in your neck of the woods?  Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.

Linda Kay
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