Friday, November 21, 2014

The Week in Fragments on Friday

How has your week been?  We have had a busy one.  
1. Since I posted last Friday in this meme, our first adventure was on Saturday night.  We sang in choir at the 6 PM service at our church, then we headed for the little town of Harper Texas where they have a large community center with plenty of dance floor space.  The Band playing was the Almost Patsy Cline Bank, a big favorite in our Hill Country.  We got to practice our two-step skills!  Hope you enjoy this little YouTube special recording.

2. On Sunday night we enjoyed having three additional couples as guests at our dinner table.  We had just an old fashioned roast beef with all the trimmings.  I kept the potatoes out to bake separately and make twice-baked potatoes.  We started the dinner with a citrus salad that included orange segments, grapefruit segments, almonds and a poppy seed dressing.  Then we enjoyed a pumpkin crisp for dessert that was really good with a dollop of Whipped Cream.

3. Monday night was our Canasta night at the clubhouse.  We had six at our table, and there were four at two other tables.  Now that the winter Texans are back from their summer hiatus in the north, we have enough tables to have a good game.  Anyone play Canasta?

4. Tuesday is always a busy day for me.  I worked with a client at the Needs Council and then helped with some newsletter assembly.  My women's Writers'Group is called WOW (Women of Words).  We meet at noon on Tuesday to critique a chapter, a poem, a story, or whatever someone has written to give them feedback.  

Sally has a new children's book published, which will be out in January.  Sheila had prepared a devotional email she sends out to some followers.  Barb shared some writing she plans to include in a book on wives of artists that was fascinating.  Val writes Science Fiction, and usually shares an amazing chapter from books she is preparing. And Lynn continues her story, which she writes in long hand in a notebook.  This has been the most valuable interaction for me to have others read and make suggestions on what I am writing.  I had to leave this meeting just a bit early so that Jerry could pick up Carson at school for a couple of hours of Grandpa time until his folks get home.

5. Wednesday was fairly quiet, as that is my writing day, and Thursday can only be interrupted by a special event.  In this case Thursday at noon was my Soup Group at my friend Coleen's.  There are always  almost always eight ladies for lunch with plenty of wine, laughs and just plain fun.  If one of our group can't make it, then we invite someone new to join us. 

And just for fun...many of you enjoyed the article from the Delavan Times from the past, which I posted last week.  This article is in the November 5th edition, and is from November 21, 1874:

"Numerous complaints reach us about hunters shooting in corn fields where farmers are at work husking corn.  It must certainly be a source of great annoyance to farmers who are busily engaged in husking corn to have their team startled by reports of fire arms and quite often, serious results may occur through the carelessness of sportsmen.  A team naturally becomes restless by being driven so slow and the sudden bang of a gun in close proximity is not calculated to make them any easier to handle.  Hunters should think of this and confine their expeditions to other than husking grounds." 

That's my week.  Thanks for hosting the meme for Friday Fragments at Half Past Kissin Time, and Willy Nilly Friday 5 at Around Roanoke!
Half-Past Kissin' Time
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Linda Kay
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