Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tree House Outdoors

Some of you are interested in the progress of the Tree House for Carson.  Last Friday we were able to recruit some heavy lifters to put up the sides on the house atop the platform.  After all was squared, plumbed and measured, we were then able to construct the support and the long header that will define the roof system.  That is now all in place for the rafters, the next project.  You may have seen my post on Monday that was the result of the support for the beam.  It required three hands to hold the support together for the nails, and my index finger got in the way of the hammer!

The sides are up!

This is the condition of my daughter's garage with all the lumber and workshop set up for the construction project.  Good thing she has a big garage.

The header for the rafters is in place.  Next is the rafter boards on each side.  That will take a bit of work and planning.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a safe and happy celebration of the New Year!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Judy's New Life #7

Judy's New Life #7

Judy and Duane drew a breath as they anticipated what Dr. Dolan had to say. Duane put his arm around Judy’s shoulders protectively.

“I have good news for you. Carl is going to be fine. We removed his spleen, but all the other organs seem to be working well. He is bruised and had a broken arm, which has been set. He’ll need some tender, loving care for a while, but he’ll recover completely. I’ll release him in a couple of days to your care.” He smiled and shook their hands. “The nurses will let you know when you can see him.”

Duane embraced Judy as the tears flowed from her eyes, and she let him hold her.

“Judy, we’ll work through this together. Just tell me what I need to do to help out with Carl, and I’ll be there for you and for him.”

Judy backed away from Duane, and sat down in a chair. She took a tissue form her purse to dab her eyes and tried to regain some composure. Duane sat next to her.

“Can I get you something to eat?” he asked.

“I’m so exhausted, and I haven’t even thought about food. But I could go for a sandwich, maybe a chicken salad?”

“You stay here and wait for news about Carl, and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Duane left to walk to the cafeteria.

Judy watched him walk away. She really did love him, and she could see that he was very emotional at the moment. On the way to the hospital they had reminisced about memories of Carl growing up. They had even managed to laugh a couple of times at some of his antics. There had been no mention of Sally or the divorce, and there had been long moments of silence between them during the hour of driving. Judy just wanted to sleep at the moment, eager to hear more about Carl, and avoiding any thoughts of Duane and the scene with Sally. Her heart was torn, and it appeared that Duane’s involvement with Sally was at an end. What did that mean?

Just as Duane was walking toward her with a sandwich and cup of coffee in his hands, a nurse came out to tell them they could go in to see Carl. Together they followed the nurse to Carl’s room where they found him sleeping peacefully among all the machines monitoring his vital signs.

“Carl, can you hear me?” Judy asked as she leaned toward him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Mom, Dad?” He slowly opened his eyes. “You are both here?”

“Yes we are, son. We’ve been waiting to see you. They tell us you are going to be okay.” Duane sat down in a chair by his bed to lean toward him, grasping his hand.

“The accident was horrible, so many people hurt. And it happened so quickly!” Carl had tears in his eyes.

“Everything is going to be okay,” said Judy. “You just rest now.” She watched him close his eyes to drift back off to sleep.

“Judy, why don’t you stay here with Carl, and I’ll go back. I’ll tie up some loose ends at the office. Is there anything I can get for you from the house?”

“Duane, why don’t you stay at the house with the kids tonight and come back tomorrow. If you can bring me a change of clothes and my makeup, that would be great. The girls can help you get a bag together. I’ll just plan to stay here with Carl until he’s released. I’ll call you if there is any change.”

Duane smiled and took her hand in his.

“I’ll be back in the morning. You try to get some rest.”
Where do you see this going?
Will Judy be ready to take Duane back?
The story will end next Tuesday.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Good Random Fun

Joining in today with Good Random Fun.  Thanks for hosting!

The Good:

This is all the grandkids with one boyfriend, and one fiance.  Lexi and Ty will be married in May (center couple in back), and Justis (next to Ty) is Macy's boyfriend (front left). You have all met Carson many times before, and he is so enjoying having all the cousins at his house.  I have no idea what the finger signal stands for! Dalton is on the far left in the back, Kenze on the far right, and Grace on the front right. All of them except Carson live in Illinois and made the safe trip here to be with us.

This picture was taken by daughter Angel (mother of the three girls in the middle) for fun and for advertising her radio station 96 Gun in Kerrville. Always into the promotion, since that's her job.

The Random

I'll have some pictures on Wednesday to share on the progress of the tree house.  But I have to show you what happens when you try to help hold a nail for your hubby to get it started.  Ouch!  It was so swollen and sore!

And this is right after I said "don't hit my finger."

The Fun:  

My nephew, Cody Diekhoff, performing as Chicago Farmer.  Cody is the son of my middle brother, Kevin, who died way too young in January of 2009.  Cody and his wife Kymber live in Bloomington, IL.  He writes most of his own music and has a busy schedule all over Illinois with some gigs in other neighboring states as well.  He has a unique kind of storytelling approach to his music.  He's a beautiful person as well.  Hugs to Cody.

Happy Monday!  Only a few more days until 2015 arrives!

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

St. Joseph's

We have so many wonderful pictures from our visits to Southern California.  Today I share with you St. Joseph's Church.

This is truly worship in the simplest of structures.  Joining in with Inspired Sunday.  Thanks for hosting this meme.

Have a blessed Sunday

Linda Kay

Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Polly Critter

Happy Saturday after Christmas!

My daughter's dog, Sadie, gave birth to just one puppy in May 2013.  My daughter thought she had to stay in the family, so Polly came to live with us in early July.  This dog is now a year and a half old, and she is still a live wire, always want to play and jumping in all directions, sniffing at nothing, and chasing birds, etc.  Here she is in action...loves my slippers.

I walk Polly almost every day, trying to wear off some of that energy.  And suddenly at night, she will crawl up on my lap and go to sleep, twisting even when she is sleeping:

But she is so adorable, isn't she?  She keeps us hopping, which is really a good thing.  You may remember seeing this picture on Wednesday.  She is Maltese/Yorkie.

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Saturday's Critters
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Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Thoughts

What a week this has been!  I'm not sure how many items I'll have to post today for the Willy Nilly 5 and the Friday Fragments, but it's been an interesting and blessed week.

1. On Christmas Eve, we attended church at Zion Lutheran in Kerrville with our daughter Angel and her fiance Brian.  Then we went to dinner at the Cowboy Steakhouse.  Yummy.  Great food. There is a dip served with the sweet potato fries that is awesome. Our steaks were perfect.

2. On Christmas night, we were invited to our friends', Coleen and Henry, for dinner.  Their children are out of state, and our kids arrive sometime later today.  It was a lovely time, and so sweet of them to think of us.

3. Remember when I posted a couple of pictures from my friend Carmella's house on Wednesday.  In her home, she had a still life painting done by her husband Nando that I have admired for some time.  I kept bugging him to sell it to me, but he didn't have a price in mind.  So guess what?  My sweet Jerry got it for me for Christmas.  It's hanging in my kitchen.  I use a lot of white dishes, so this really fits in well.  I took this with my IPhone, so it's a little cockeyed.

4. Remember I was baking the cinnamon rolls?  Did I mention that I load them up with caramel and pecans?  The yeast was very fresh so had wonderful results.  I'm sure they will be quickly devoured by the gang at my daughter's house.  I packaged up a few for the neighbors.

5. We will be working on the tree house this morning while our son and his family are on the road to Texas...probably scheduled to arrive mid-afternoon.  The granddaughters and two boyfriends are also traveling from Illinois, so say a little prayer for their safe travels.  So far snow is light where they live, so that will not be an obstacle.  We have three walls built for the tree house, awaiting some strong guys to lift them up onto the platform to put them in place.  I'll post pictures when they are all up and secured.

If I am missing in action over the next week, please note that we are probably here and there and everywhere with the family as they join us in Texas.  We will all have a great time!

Linda Kay

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, in keeping with the reason for the season.  From our house to yours.....

And from Izzy and Polly.  Izzy would pose for me, but Polly kept jumping at me and the camera.  Finally she rolled onto her back, so I got the only picture I could!

Blessing to you and your families, my blogger friends!
My Illinois family arrives tomorrow!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Wednesday -- Christmas Eve

I'm sure everyone has been attending or putting on Christmas parties.  My lovely friend Carmella had a large group of ladies from the compound  subdivision for lunch last week, and we had a wonderful Christmas time.  I thought I'd share a few pictures from her home (with her permission).  These are straight from my IPhone, so no changes made on the first four pictures.

Carmella is a quilter, so this hanging was really outstanding.  She is an amazing lady with unbounded energy.

 She wanted me to get the picture of the crazy hat she got from our friend Joy.. The flower is fake.

Looks pretty fantastic, right?  The food was outstanding.

I had orders to make my grandmother's sweet roll recipe for all the gang coming to Texas for Christmas, so here they are ready to go in the oven.  They really turned out wonderfully, always a challenge when you are baking with yeast!

This was the price of gas in Fredericksburg on Sunday...unbelievable.  How low can it go??

This was after our day with the tree house on Saturday.  We finally have a wall up.  By the time this posts, we may actually have another couple of walls upright, waiting for siding. I so hate to admit it, but I'm thinking I might just be a little beyond building tree houses....but we keep plodding along with this.  I have bruises and scrapes and sores muscles, but it's worth it!

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  We are off to church and then dinner with daughter #2 and fiance.  Since my family arrives in Texas on Friday, I might be just a little absent in the next few days.  

Linda Kay

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Judy's New Life

Judy's New Life #6

Sunday had been a quiet day of attending church, doing housework until it sparkled, and catching up with emails from friends.  She had lunch with Kathy, who was always eager to hear how things were going with the divorce.  Judy enjoyed the time with Kathy, but was guarded about personal information. 

She returned to work on Monday morning.  End of the month reports were due in a few days, giving her the opportunity to redesign the spreadsheets produced by the software. These would make more sense to the partners and would provide numbers with which to do some planning for the next month.  

At about three o’clock her cell phone vibrated, and Judy happened to be within earshot of the noise.  She glanced at the number, but didn’t recognize it.  Something made her pick it up to answer the call.


“Is this Judy Adams?” The caller seemed formal.

“Yes, I’m Judy Adams.  May I ask who is calling?”

“This is Officer George Lindt.  I’m calling from Memorial Hospital in Hightown.  There has been an accident, Mrs. Adams.  Your son Carl has been hurt and brought here to the hospital.  I don’t have a report for you at the moment on his condition, but he was taken to the ER.  The bus was run off the road by a car traveling in the wrong direction on the highway.  Are you able to get to the hospital now?”

“I’ll be there as quickly as I can.  It will just take a few minutes to close down everything at work, and I’ll be on my way.  I’m guessing it will take an hour to drive there.”  Judy was already closing down her computer as she talked.  “Can you tell me if he is okay?”

“I really don’t know his condition, ma’am, just know that he was taken into the ER from the ambulance.” The officer was apologetic. “I’ll wait for you here at the hospital.”

Judy hung up the phone and instinctively called Duane.

“Duane, I just got a call from a police officer.  The school bus Carl was riding in was in an accident, and he has been taken to a hospital in Hightown. I wanted you to know.” Just hearing Duane’s voice brought tears to her eyes.

“Judy, I’ll be by the office to pick you up in ten minutes.  I’ll drive you there myself.  What do you know about the accident and Carl’s condition?”

Judy stuffed papers in drawers of her desk, pushed her chair in, and grabbed her purse.

“Okay, I’ll meet you downstairs in front of the office.  Duane, thanks for coming for me.”

By this time tears were streaming down her cheeks.  She took the elevator to the first floor and as promised, Duane pulled up in front of the building. 

Duane dropped her off at the emergency entrance an hour later while he parked the car.  Judy stopped by the nurses’ station and was directed to a waiting room.  Duane joined her there.  A few moments later a nurse came into the waiting room to talk to them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Adams, Carl has been seriously injured in the accident.  He has been taken into surgery.  I have some forms here I need for you to sign.  There is some internal bleeding, and he took a pretty good bump to his head.  None of the kids were belted into their seats, so they were tossed around a bit.  He also has a broken arm. I’ll be back in to keep you posted on his condition.”

Duane took Judy’s hand.

“I know it will be all right, Judy.  He’s a tough kid.”  Duane tried to comfort her as she leaned into his shoulder. 

“Well, that’s a cozy scene. Duane, is everything going to be okay?”  Both Judy and Duane turned to see Sally, Duane’s assistant walking toward them.  Judy turned to Duane.

“What the hell is she doing here? You called her when you were on your way to pick me up?” She rose from her chair to face Sally.  “Get out of here!  What right do you have to barge in here at the hospital?” Judy’s face was red with anger and humiliation.

“I just wanted to be here for Duane!” Sally backed away from Judy.

“Sally, this probably was not a wise thing to do.  Go back home, and I’ll let you know how Carl is doing, okay?”  Duane took her by the elbow and ushered her back to the entrance door, leaving Judy seething with anger, her fists clenched.

“Why do I have to leave?” Sally was shouting at Duane.

“We are his parents, and this is a private time for us.  Please leave quietly, Sally.” Sally jerked her arm away from Duane’s grasp.

“This is the last straw, Duane. Just go on back to your little wifey. By the way don’t look for me at the office; I quit!”

Duane watched her walk out the door, dropped his arms and turned his palms up in response to her comment. 

“Judy, I’m really sorry.  This has all been brewing. That was very poor judgment on her part.”

Judy crossed her arms in front of her and turned away from him, trying to calm herself.  She had to concentrate on Carl and pray for his surgery to be successful.  She couldn’t let Sally get to her. Not now.

An hour passed.  Duane and Judy sat several seats away from each other, looking at magazines.  A nurse came by twice to give them an update on the procedures.  Finally a doctor came into the waiting room, discarding his mask as he walked toward them. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Adams, I’m Dr. Dolan.”
How is Carl?

What happens next with Duane?

Two Shoes Tuesday word of the day - "sparkle".  Thanks, Josie!

Linda Kay

Monday, December 22, 2014

Farm Christmas

I have to first say, Cherdo and Janie, that I was awake half the night trying to search the file cabinets in my brain for memorable Christmases.  I grew up on a farm in Central Illinois and I remember huge drifts of snow and lots of food.  We always had our own beef and pork, garden supplies and fruit stored away in the basement fruit room, and probably some of the best German bakers anyone could ask for in our grandparents.  Christmas was always a time of feasting.  But I do have some specific memories to share.

My older brother Dan and I were three years apart in age.  I couldn't have been more than four or five when my parents set up all of our gifts around a children's table and chairs, and we didn't even realize they were there until we had opened other ones.  We cherished that set, spending lots of hours coloring and putting together small puzzles. The set to your left is from go shopping for this for someone special.  Thanks Target.

My brother David was 10 years younger than I, so it was my job at Christmas time to get him to follow me upstairs to look out the window for Santa while my folks put presents out under the tree.  This went on for several years until he figured out what was up.  David is still on the farm in Illinois.

I have really special memories of my grandmother, my dad's mother, who was an incredible baker.  One of my favorite memories was making gingerbread men with her, decorating them with red hots and tiny silver balls.  It was magical.  She also made perfect divinity and fudge.

Anyone who has read my blog remembers pictures I have posted of my mom and my dad in their younger days.  One Christmas when I was a teenager, Mother had a picture taken and made into a portrait for my dad.  He had no idea, but when he opened it and saw what it was, he cried he was so happy.  He was such a sentimental guy, and he cherished my Mom.

At Christmas break at California Lutheran in California, I took a train back to Illinois to be with family for the holidays.  As luck would have it, the Marine marching band members who lived back east were on the train.  They actually had to return to California for the Rose Bowl parade at New Years.  We had a grand time playing cards, singing songs, and just enjoying the ride back.  I should have snagged one of those guys!  My parents and brothers and I then drove back to school in California across old Route 66 after Christmas.  It was a special time.

With marriage and three children, the memories just become a blur of activity.  My memories are of fun times, shopping with my girls, giving gifts to make my children happy.  I met my current husband just a couple of weeks after my divorce was final, and he brought joy into the lives of my children and myself.  We have many happy memories of being with extended family and friends.  

Christmas is such a special time of year, and no, it is not Happy Holidays!  It is Merry Christmas.  Christmas Eve has always been a time of singing and praise in the church for me.  Even as a little kid, I remember getting a bag of peanuts, and orange, and a candy bar after the Childrens' Christmas program.  

God bless each of my blogger friends as you celebrate in your own way during this holiday.  If you do not celebrate Christmas, then have a lovely cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine and know that I'm thinking of all of you today.  Joining the 12/22 Blog Hop!

Linda Kay

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Church

We were actually touring San Juan Bautista Mission, but I fell in love with this little church across the street.  Isn't it lovely in white with the blue trim?  I could probably link this to Blue Monday and Fences, but I'll leave it in Inspired Sunday instead. Thanks for hosting!

Have a Blessed Day
Linda Kay

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gladys Porter Zoo Animals

I always enjoy Saturdays when we can join Eileen with the critters for a Saturday, as we have so many pictures of animals.  These are from the Gladys Porter Zoo.  So I'll just share these with you!  Thanks Eileen.

Some of you may be celebrating Christmas this weekend.  In any case, have a wonderful Saturday!

Linda Kay

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Reflections

Can you believe it's less than a week 'til Christmas?  I have so enjoyed all the pictures of lights, Christmas ornaments, snow, and all things Christmas.  First I thought I'd share a couple of special ornaments on my tree that have meanings attached: 

1.  The first one on the left is from my friend Joy in California.  The first time we went to visit her in Watsonville, we drove north to San Francisco to see The Bridge on the bay.  She sent this to us the next Christmas.  The one on the right was purchased in a market in Brno, Chezc Replubic in a market.  It's made from bread dough, and I'm afraid it will break one of these days.
The nativity display below is a mix mash of not only the Willow Tree sculptures, but also an assortment of other angels and animals.  I found the stable in an antique shop one year to complete the scene.  

3.  You will remember that my hubby is a collector of stuff.  Many years ago, his mother began collecting these ornaments from Hallmark, Santas Delivery System.  She actually started with #3.  With a little search on eBay, I found the first two and bought them for him one year for Christmas.  He now has the complete set of 26.  They go back into their boxes at the end of the Christmas season every year, onto a shelf, and back out the next day after Thanksgiving.  They are cute, though.

4.  On Saturday we stopped by Becker Vineyards to pick up our quarterly wine selection, and on the way out found two tractors that have evidently been left out in the weather.  I thought you might enjoy these two Internationals.

5. And finally, the tree house project!  The base of the tree house is up!  The tall piece in the front has a pulley, so the kids will be able to bring stuff up from the ground.  The 2 x 4s are just holding up the structure until Grandpa can get all the bracing between the joists and the side braces in place.  He is also building a hiding place in the floor boards and an escape hatch that will have a rope with knots to climb up and down.  I'll keep you in the loop on the progress.  Wednesday we picked up the wood for the house structure that will sit on the base.

Have a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!  Linking up today with Willy Nilly Friday Five, and Friday Fragments.  Thanks for hosting, ladies!

Linda Kay

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gate to Thoroughbreds

Not far outside of town is a beautiful ranch where thoroughbred horses are kept.  I think some are boarded there, but don't know the whole story.  I did get a picture of the gate, as I think it is quite lovely.  There are lovely Christmas wreaths attached to the horses.

Have a lovely Thursday.  Joining Good Fences....thanks for hosting!  Only one more week until Christmas!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Fill Ins

Linking in today with Hodge Podge Wednesday.  Thanks for hosting!

1. Time magazine has selected The Ebola Fighters as their person of the year for 2014. Do you agree, and if so who would you say is a close second? If you disagree with their choice, who do you think should have been chosen? 

The Ebola fighters deserve some recognition, for sure, but I'm not sure it should be a 'person of the year'.  This is a group, and there are so many in a group situation who could be recognized, like the military folks who continue to make sacrifices.  I don't have a real option in mind.

2. This question comes to you courtesy of Susan who blogs over at Stew Mama Says. She knows we have a wedding happening any minute now, and she asks, 'What's your favorite-something old? something new? something borrowed? something blue in your home?  Be sure you hop over and say hi to Susan today! 

Something old... I have a watch that belonged to my mother's grandmother that hangs on a chain.  It is finished in tri-color gold and still runs after all these years.

Something new.... My new Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet.  I'm having lots of fun with it.  Amazing technology.

Something borrowed... Don't think I've borrowed anything lately.

Something blue... My mother passed down to me six floe blue plates that stand in my china cabinet.

3. Fudge-yay or nay? Your favorite flavor? Do you make it yourself? With nuts or without?  

I don't make fudge, but love the chocolate with walnuts.  Can't keep it in the house!

4. December 17th is Wright Brothers Day, commemorating the first successful flights made by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  How old were you when you made your first flight? Do you like to fly? Have you ever been to Kitty Hawk or other parts of the North Carolina Outer Banks? 

I was 19 when I flew on a little charter plane from Los Angeles to Lake Havasu, AZ to see property that was coming up for sale there.  I love to fly, but it's not nearly as much fun as it used to be.  My first commercial flight was 40 on my honeymoon with hubby to Hawaii.  We have since flown to Europe several times.  Some of the best fun flying was when I worked for a large Midwestern Bank and flew between St. Louis and Kansas City in a nine-passenger jet.  Filled my need for speed!

5. Do the people in your family tend to follow a particular career path, and if so what's the path?

In the past, there have been lots of farmers in my family, but my younger brother is the only one left in that career.  Among my siblings, I'm a CPA, my older brother is a Lutheran minister, my middle brother was a super sales person, and the younger one is a farmer.  My older daughter is a nurse practitioner, my son is in HVAC maintenance, and my younger daughter is in sales.  How's that for diversity?

6. What is one thing you absolutely, positively must accomplish today?

I'm on my way to volunteer at the Hill Country Needs Council today, where I will get to help out a person who has found it impossible to move forward without a little help.

7. This Christmas I hope_my children and grandchildren will have safe travels from Illinois to Texas.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

As I read through all the posts each morning from all my blogger friends, I'm all set for the day.  I've traveled throughout the world, seen wonderful sights, and enjoyed the thoughts, prayers, songs, and pictures of so many others.  God bless us every one (to quote Tiny Tim).

Have a wonderful Wednesday
Linda Kay

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Judy's New Life Continues

Judy's New Life #5 - A continuing story on Tuesdays.

Within the week, Judy had to reorganize her time schedule and find some good outfits to report to work at the attorney office.  The kids helped around the house to keep things picked up, and Gina enjoyed doing some of the cooking.  Sandra seemed to be the one taking her parents’ separation the hardest, always asking Judy if Dad could come home.  Judy reassured her that both of them loved her very much.  On her way out the door one day, Judy signed a permission slip for Carl to make a day trip with his senior class.

The duties at Trevor’s office were overwhelming at first with so many new things to learn.  Other employees in the office were anxious to help her in her new job.  Since she had a good working knowledge of the accounting software, at least that wasn’t totally new to her. 

In the elevator on the way to the parking lot for her lunch break, Judy ran into John, whom she had met several days before in Trevor’s office.

“Hi, again.  Fancy meeting you here!” He smiled a friendly smile of recognition.

“Hi, John.  I’m actually working here now.  You remember the accounting questions that came up the first day we were here?”

“I do remember.  Good for you.  Say, do you have time for a cup of coffee?  There is a "Starbucks" just half a block down the street?”

“I have a couple of errands to run, but I could probably spare time for a cup.” Judy was curious about John and wanted to know him a little better, but she was also nervous.

Over coffee and a light sandwich, Judy and John talked briefly about their current divorce situations, their children, and jobs.  She found him easy to talk to and was flattered by his interest in her.  When he asked her to join him for dinner and a movie on Saturday night, she accepted.

Duane came by the house on Saturday morning to pick up some of his things.  He told her his attorney was going to be in touch with her attorney to see what they could work out about child support and division of property.  Judy thought he seemed much more agreeable than she had expected, a bit of a mystery, but he did want to go on to a new life.  Sandra had told him that Judy was going out with someone on Saturday night.

“I hear you have a date already.”  There was a note of sarcasm in his voice.  “Is your job going well for you?”

“It’s just a friend I met through work.  And I like my job.”

Small talk behind them, Duane left with some of his clothes, but didn’t bother with any of his tools and collections.  It seemed to Judy to be a small selection of items.

Dinner on Saturday night was festive and delicious, served at a country club outside of town. John was very attentive, seating her at the table, opening doors for the car and the club.  She enjoyed his conversation.  After dinner and some wine, they went to the movie to see the latest release. At the theater, John had his arm around her, and Judy squirmed to keep distance from him. He drove her home and walked her to her door. It was almost midnight. 

“I’ve really enjoyed the evening, Judy.  Are you going to invite me in?”

“I’m sorry, John.  I think the kids are still up, and I’m not ready to bring you into their life at this moment.”

Before she could even get her key in the doorway, John put his arms around her, pulled her to him, and kissed her.  She pushed him away.

“This is too much, John.  I’m just not ready for this kind of a relationship.  Being friends is one thing, but I’m not even divorced yet, and neither are you.”

Without a word, John turned and walked to his car and drove away.

That went well! Judy thought to herself.  She figured there would not be a second date with John anytime soon.  What was he thinking?

The kids were waiting inside for her return, watching late night television.  She greeted them, then went into the kitchen to pop some popcorn to share while they watched the late movie together. 

“Remember, Mom.  I’m going on that day trip with the class on Monday.”  Carl was evidently looking forward to the historical sights they would visit.

“Got it on my calendar. I’m sure you will all have fun.”

What did you think of John?
Why the reminder of the class trip?
What’s up with Duane?  

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Morning Jottings

Monday is always a good day to look back for the Good Random Fun during the week or the weekend.  So here goes:

The Good:  
As many know, my two daughters and I have season tickets to the Majestic Theater in San Antonio for the Broadway series of shows.  We have had so much fun.  Before we went to the eight o'clock show, we ate dinner overlooking the River Walk, viewing all the lights and watching the boats drift by with carolers.  

The show (Lion King) was awesome.  If some of you have seen it, I'd love to see your comments.  The staging and the lights for the changing scenes that you might remember from the animated movie were something I'd never seen before.  The creativity that went into the various animals on the stage was enchanting.

The Random:

Grandpa is building a tree house for Carson!  This past week, we managed to now have assembled the basic sides of this huge free-standing structure.  The sides are to now be standing so that the floor joists can be put in place.  Carson is really excited. The clearing is where the tree house will "rise".  The overall deck will be about 10' x 10', and the house on the deck, complete with a door and windows will be about 7' x 7'.  The last picture is of the metal lizard that will stand guard at the tree house.  Jerry is having fun creating this with a complete set of plans that had to be approved by the architectural committee where my SIL and daughter live.  And I've been actually swinging a hammer some to help out!

The Fun:
Don't we all love a parade?  I'm dropping in some very short videos and pictures of some of the sights from the Christmas Parade and the Markplatz here in Fredericksburg.

And the lovely tree:
Have a wonderful Monday!
Linda Kay
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