Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Reflections

Can you believe it's less than a week 'til Christmas?  I have so enjoyed all the pictures of lights, Christmas ornaments, snow, and all things Christmas.  First I thought I'd share a couple of special ornaments on my tree that have meanings attached: 

1.  The first one on the left is from my friend Joy in California.  The first time we went to visit her in Watsonville, we drove north to San Francisco to see The Bridge on the bay.  She sent this to us the next Christmas.  The one on the right was purchased in a market in Brno, Chezc Replubic in a market.  It's made from bread dough, and I'm afraid it will break one of these days.
The nativity display below is a mix mash of not only the Willow Tree sculptures, but also an assortment of other angels and animals.  I found the stable in an antique shop one year to complete the scene.  

3.  You will remember that my hubby is a collector of stuff.  Many years ago, his mother began collecting these ornaments from Hallmark, Santas Delivery System.  She actually started with #3.  With a little search on eBay, I found the first two and bought them for him one year for Christmas.  He now has the complete set of 26.  They go back into their boxes at the end of the Christmas season every year, onto a shelf, and back out the next day after Thanksgiving.  They are cute, though.

4.  On Saturday we stopped by Becker Vineyards to pick up our quarterly wine selection, and on the way out found two tractors that have evidently been left out in the weather.  I thought you might enjoy these two Internationals.

5. And finally, the tree house project!  The base of the tree house is up!  The tall piece in the front has a pulley, so the kids will be able to bring stuff up from the ground.  The 2 x 4s are just holding up the structure until Grandpa can get all the bracing between the joists and the side braces in place.  He is also building a hiding place in the floor boards and an escape hatch that will have a rope with knots to climb up and down.  I'll keep you in the loop on the progress.  Wednesday we picked up the wood for the house structure that will sit on the base.

Have a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!  Linking up today with Willy Nilly Friday Five, and Friday Fragments.  Thanks for hosting, ladies!

Linda Kay

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