Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Thoughts

What a week this has been!  I'm not sure how many items I'll have to post today for the Willy Nilly 5 and the Friday Fragments, but it's been an interesting and blessed week.

1. On Christmas Eve, we attended church at Zion Lutheran in Kerrville with our daughter Angel and her fiance Brian.  Then we went to dinner at the Cowboy Steakhouse.  Yummy.  Great food. There is a dip served with the sweet potato fries that is awesome. Our steaks were perfect.

2. On Christmas night, we were invited to our friends', Coleen and Henry, for dinner.  Their children are out of state, and our kids arrive sometime later today.  It was a lovely time, and so sweet of them to think of us.

3. Remember when I posted a couple of pictures from my friend Carmella's house on Wednesday.  In her home, she had a still life painting done by her husband Nando that I have admired for some time.  I kept bugging him to sell it to me, but he didn't have a price in mind.  So guess what?  My sweet Jerry got it for me for Christmas.  It's hanging in my kitchen.  I use a lot of white dishes, so this really fits in well.  I took this with my IPhone, so it's a little cockeyed.

4. Remember I was baking the cinnamon rolls?  Did I mention that I load them up with caramel and pecans?  The yeast was very fresh so had wonderful results.  I'm sure they will be quickly devoured by the gang at my daughter's house.  I packaged up a few for the neighbors.

5. We will be working on the tree house this morning while our son and his family are on the road to Texas...probably scheduled to arrive mid-afternoon.  The granddaughters and two boyfriends are also traveling from Illinois, so say a little prayer for their safe travels.  So far snow is light where they live, so that will not be an obstacle.  We have three walls built for the tree house, awaiting some strong guys to lift them up onto the platform to put them in place.  I'll post pictures when they are all up and secured.

If I am missing in action over the next week, please note that we are probably here and there and everywhere with the family as they join us in Texas.  We will all have a great time!

Linda Kay
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