Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Wednesday -- Christmas Eve

I'm sure everyone has been attending or putting on Christmas parties.  My lovely friend Carmella had a large group of ladies from the compound  subdivision for lunch last week, and we had a wonderful Christmas time.  I thought I'd share a few pictures from her home (with her permission).  These are straight from my IPhone, so no changes made on the first four pictures.

Carmella is a quilter, so this hanging was really outstanding.  She is an amazing lady with unbounded energy.

 She wanted me to get the picture of the crazy hat she got from our friend Joy.. The flower is fake.

Looks pretty fantastic, right?  The food was outstanding.

I had orders to make my grandmother's sweet roll recipe for all the gang coming to Texas for Christmas, so here they are ready to go in the oven.  They really turned out wonderfully, always a challenge when you are baking with yeast!

This was the price of gas in Fredericksburg on Sunday...unbelievable.  How low can it go??

This was after our day with the tree house on Saturday.  We finally have a wall up.  By the time this posts, we may actually have another couple of walls upright, waiting for siding. I so hate to admit it, but I'm thinking I might just be a little beyond building tree houses....but we keep plodding along with this.  I have bruises and scrapes and sores muscles, but it's worth it!

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  We are off to church and then dinner with daughter #2 and fiance.  Since my family arrives in Texas on Friday, I might be just a little absent in the next few days.  

Linda Kay
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