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Judy's New Life #4

Judy's New Life, Episode #4

When Judy arrived at Trevor Dean’s office on the 4th floor of the building, there was mayhem at the front desk.  Two women were struggling to solve some sort of problem on the computer, totally engrossed in their own frustrations.

“But how am I going to get the payroll done, if this connection keeps going down.  And I don’t have the latest release from QuickBooks installed as yet.  I keep getting error messages!”  The woman standing over the receptionist was almost in tears.

Judy cleared her throat to get their attention.

“Are you the applicant for the accounting position?  We are so glad you are here.  Why don’t you come back to the office with me to help me get out of this mess I’ve gotten myself into?”

“I’m sorry, you must have me confused with someone.  My name is Judy Adams, and I have an appointment with Trevor Jacobs at four. I do know a lot about QuickBooks, however.”

“Please excuse the chaos, Judy,” the receptionist apologized.  I do have you here on my schedule for a four o’clock appointment.  Trevor is running just a little late, so please have a seat.”

“So could you help me out and take a look at the error message I’m getting?” The accounting clerk was desparate.

Judy looked at the message and determined a quick fix for the issue, allowing the clerk to go back to her desk to get her payroll completed.  She was very appreciative and suggested that Trevor should give her the job as well.

“Well, that was a pretty unusual reception at the attorney’s office.”  Another client was seated on one of the leather chairs where Judy was directed.

“It was not what I expected, for sure.”  Judy sat down across from him.

“My name is John Largeant, Judy.  I hope you have a positive reason to be here today.”

Judy smiled in response.  She noticed that he had dark hair and very brown eyes, was neatly dressed, but casual.  Hopefully, he was not here ahead of her to see Trevor; maybe another attorney in the office.

About that time, Trevor Dean appeared at the door to his office. 

“Judy, would you like to join me?”  He extended his hand to greet her and directed her to his office.

The room was spacious and well defined as a professional office.  The oak desk was large with a variety of papers scattered in piles across the top.  A window framed with heavy drapes looked out onto the city.  Paintings along the wall reflected an interest in hunting and wide open spaces.

“Judy, let’s get started.  I’ll be taking some notes, so please tell me what has happened to bring you here to my office.”

Judy told him of the events from the previous day, including the fact that she had put Duane’s clothes outside on the porch for him to pick up. She spared no expression of the anger she was feeling.

“Are you wanting to file for divorce, Judy?  And if so, what do you think he is expecting?”

Judy assured him that she wanted out of the marriage and gave him the name of the attorney Duane had given her.”

“Then I gather he is expecting you to file.  First of all, you might want to bring those clothes back into the house, as Duane can get into the house at any time until we get this all resolved.  Our best plan is to keep calm and go for whatever we need to protect you and the children in the future.  What is your position for income?”

“I’m not working at all, so I need a job as quick as I can get one.”

“I hear you know QuickBooks, and we are in dire need of an accounting person right now.  We have someone coming in this afternoon to interview for the position, but you are welcome to fill out an application as well.  We might just be able to help each other out.  In the meantime, I’ll get this paperwork going.  The information you have brought me will be helpful. I’ll expect the retainer to be paid before we go to court.”

After going over some additional details about property rights and custody, Judy left Trevor’s office, noticing that Mr. John Largeant had evidently gone to one of the offices. She filled out an application with the receptionist and left to go back to the house to bring Duane’s boxes inside.  Pouring herself a glass of Riesling, she lit a candle on the edge of the tub, and relaxed in a hot, soaking bath. She let her mind wander to plan for her future without Duane.

Will she get the job?
What about John Largeant?
Will Duane be receptive to her filing?

Is Trevor a good Attorney?  

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