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Judy's New Life

Judy's New Life #6

Sunday had been a quiet day of attending church, doing housework until it sparkled, and catching up with emails from friends.  She had lunch with Kathy, who was always eager to hear how things were going with the divorce.  Judy enjoyed the time with Kathy, but was guarded about personal information. 

She returned to work on Monday morning.  End of the month reports were due in a few days, giving her the opportunity to redesign the spreadsheets produced by the software. These would make more sense to the partners and would provide numbers with which to do some planning for the next month.  

At about three o’clock her cell phone vibrated, and Judy happened to be within earshot of the noise.  She glanced at the number, but didn’t recognize it.  Something made her pick it up to answer the call.


“Is this Judy Adams?” The caller seemed formal.

“Yes, I’m Judy Adams.  May I ask who is calling?”

“This is Officer George Lindt.  I’m calling from Memorial Hospital in Hightown.  There has been an accident, Mrs. Adams.  Your son Carl has been hurt and brought here to the hospital.  I don’t have a report for you at the moment on his condition, but he was taken to the ER.  The bus was run off the road by a car traveling in the wrong direction on the highway.  Are you able to get to the hospital now?”

“I’ll be there as quickly as I can.  It will just take a few minutes to close down everything at work, and I’ll be on my way.  I’m guessing it will take an hour to drive there.”  Judy was already closing down her computer as she talked.  “Can you tell me if he is okay?”

“I really don’t know his condition, ma’am, just know that he was taken into the ER from the ambulance.” The officer was apologetic. “I’ll wait for you here at the hospital.”

Judy hung up the phone and instinctively called Duane.

“Duane, I just got a call from a police officer.  The school bus Carl was riding in was in an accident, and he has been taken to a hospital in Hightown. I wanted you to know.” Just hearing Duane’s voice brought tears to her eyes.

“Judy, I’ll be by the office to pick you up in ten minutes.  I’ll drive you there myself.  What do you know about the accident and Carl’s condition?”

Judy stuffed papers in drawers of her desk, pushed her chair in, and grabbed her purse.

“Okay, I’ll meet you downstairs in front of the office.  Duane, thanks for coming for me.”

By this time tears were streaming down her cheeks.  She took the elevator to the first floor and as promised, Duane pulled up in front of the building. 

Duane dropped her off at the emergency entrance an hour later while he parked the car.  Judy stopped by the nurses’ station and was directed to a waiting room.  Duane joined her there.  A few moments later a nurse came into the waiting room to talk to them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Adams, Carl has been seriously injured in the accident.  He has been taken into surgery.  I have some forms here I need for you to sign.  There is some internal bleeding, and he took a pretty good bump to his head.  None of the kids were belted into their seats, so they were tossed around a bit.  He also has a broken arm. I’ll be back in to keep you posted on his condition.”

Duane took Judy’s hand.

“I know it will be all right, Judy.  He’s a tough kid.”  Duane tried to comfort her as she leaned into his shoulder. 

“Well, that’s a cozy scene. Duane, is everything going to be okay?”  Both Judy and Duane turned to see Sally, Duane’s assistant walking toward them.  Judy turned to Duane.

“What the hell is she doing here? You called her when you were on your way to pick me up?” She rose from her chair to face Sally.  “Get out of here!  What right do you have to barge in here at the hospital?” Judy’s face was red with anger and humiliation.

“I just wanted to be here for Duane!” Sally backed away from Judy.

“Sally, this probably was not a wise thing to do.  Go back home, and I’ll let you know how Carl is doing, okay?”  Duane took her by the elbow and ushered her back to the entrance door, leaving Judy seething with anger, her fists clenched.

“Why do I have to leave?” Sally was shouting at Duane.

“We are his parents, and this is a private time for us.  Please leave quietly, Sally.” Sally jerked her arm away from Duane’s grasp.

“This is the last straw, Duane. Just go on back to your little wifey. By the way don’t look for me at the office; I quit!”

Duane watched her walk out the door, dropped his arms and turned his palms up in response to her comment. 

“Judy, I’m really sorry.  This has all been brewing. That was very poor judgment on her part.”

Judy crossed her arms in front of her and turned away from him, trying to calm herself.  She had to concentrate on Carl and pray for his surgery to be successful.  She couldn’t let Sally get to her. Not now.

An hour passed.  Duane and Judy sat several seats away from each other, looking at magazines.  A nurse came by twice to give them an update on the procedures.  Finally a doctor came into the waiting room, discarding his mask as he walked toward them. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Adams, I’m Dr. Dolan.”
How is Carl?

What happens next with Duane?

Two Shoes Tuesday word of the day - "sparkle".  Thanks, Josie!

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