Monday, December 8, 2014

Lights in Johnson City

After our Thursday night "Thirsty Thursday", so of us decided to make the trip to Johnson City (hometown of former President Lyndon B Johnson) to have a bite to eat and see their incredible display of lights.  I'll be sharing this adventure with you today.

Our destination for food was the Pecan Street Brewery, which is right across the street from the incredibly decorated court house. 

Our food was wonderful - hamburgers, grilled chicken, pecan and honey crusted chicken, fries, etc. etc.  Just delightful.  Be sure to click on the link to see more about the place. There was a funny sign, I thought I'd share with you just for kicks. (Animal lovers, please don't be offended.)

We left the Brewery and drove just a couple of blocks south of the courthouse to see the display by the Pedernales Electric Company.  I'll just load all of the pictures from this spot for your enjoyment.  Sorry if they are a bit blurred, but you will definitely get the sense of the Christmas lights there.

The blue on those trees around the square was very intense, but I think it came across for you to enjoy.  Since the tree is blue, I'll join in to Blue Monday with Sally.  Thanks for hosting.
Smiling Sally
Linda Kay

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