Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Good Random Fun

Joining in today with Good Random Fun.  Thanks for hosting!

The Good:

This is all the grandkids with one boyfriend, and one fiance.  Lexi and Ty will be married in May (center couple in back), and Justis (next to Ty) is Macy's boyfriend (front left). You have all met Carson many times before, and he is so enjoying having all the cousins at his house.  I have no idea what the finger signal stands for! Dalton is on the far left in the back, Kenze on the far right, and Grace on the front right. All of them except Carson live in Illinois and made the safe trip here to be with us.

This picture was taken by daughter Angel (mother of the three girls in the middle) for fun and for advertising her radio station 96 Gun in Kerrville. Always into the promotion, since that's her job.

The Random

I'll have some pictures on Wednesday to share on the progress of the tree house.  But I have to show you what happens when you try to help hold a nail for your hubby to get it started.  Ouch!  It was so swollen and sore!

And this is right after I said "don't hit my finger."

The Fun:  

My nephew, Cody Diekhoff, performing as Chicago Farmer.  Cody is the son of my middle brother, Kevin, who died way too young in January of 2009.  Cody and his wife Kymber live in Bloomington, IL.  He writes most of his own music and has a busy schedule all over Illinois with some gigs in other neighboring states as well.  He has a unique kind of storytelling approach to his music.  He's a beautiful person as well.  Hugs to Cody.

Happy Monday!  Only a few more days until 2015 arrives!

Linda Kay
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