Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Morning Jottings

Monday is always a good day to look back for the Good Random Fun during the week or the weekend.  So here goes:

The Good:  
As many know, my two daughters and I have season tickets to the Majestic Theater in San Antonio for the Broadway series of shows.  We have had so much fun.  Before we went to the eight o'clock show, we ate dinner overlooking the River Walk, viewing all the lights and watching the boats drift by with carolers.  

The show (Lion King) was awesome.  If some of you have seen it, I'd love to see your comments.  The staging and the lights for the changing scenes that you might remember from the animated movie were something I'd never seen before.  The creativity that went into the various animals on the stage was enchanting.

The Random:

Grandpa is building a tree house for Carson!  This past week, we managed to now have assembled the basic sides of this huge free-standing structure.  The sides are to now be standing so that the floor joists can be put in place.  Carson is really excited. The clearing is where the tree house will "rise".  The overall deck will be about 10' x 10', and the house on the deck, complete with a door and windows will be about 7' x 7'.  The last picture is of the metal lizard that will stand guard at the tree house.  Jerry is having fun creating this with a complete set of plans that had to be approved by the architectural committee where my SIL and daughter live.  And I've been actually swinging a hammer some to help out!

The Fun:
Don't we all love a parade?  I'm dropping in some very short videos and pictures of some of the sights from the Christmas Parade and the Markplatz here in Fredericksburg.

And the lovely tree:
Have a wonderful Monday!
Linda Kay
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