Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Short Story - Judy's New Life #3

If you have been following my blog on Tuesdays, you will see following the continuation of our story of Judy's new life.  Judy has found out that her husband was cheating on her, and she is now meeting with a friend to talk about what is happening.  You can read previous episodes on my blog from #1 and #2.  I also link up with Josie 2 Shoes for Two Shoes Tuesday, where the words today are "store" and "sacred".

Judy's New Life #3  The story continues.....

“Judy, I am so sorry. Has Duane left the house?” Kathy responded to Judy’s tearful story. There was tone in her voice that raised Judy's eyebrows.

“You knew, didn't you? How many people knew that he was screwing his assistant?” Judy could tell by Kathy’s response that she was not totally surprised.

“We saw Duane with her, and we could tell that something just wasn't right. They were just a little too close. We just weren't sure, Judy. I didn't want to hurt you. But now that you know you need to take some action. You need to protect yourself and need a good lawyer to do it.”

“I feel so betrayed, Kathy. First by Duane, and now by those of you who suspected there was something going on. But who should I turn to now?”

“A friend at the gym is going through divorce, and she is going to a guy named Trevor at the Lawson and Parker firm on Elm Street. She says he is like a junk yard dog. You should give him a try.”

Judy and Kathy talked briefly about some things to share with the attorney and some items to get together for her appointment. Judy got the phone number from the IPhone search and called the office. There had been a cancellation that afternoon, so Trevor could see her at four.

With some time at home she found her credit card and banking information, loan documents on the house and car, and an assorted list of other things in the house that were important for the attorney to know about. Then she pulled some boxes into the house from the garage and systematically loaded all of Duane’s clothes into them. Everything from his side of the closet, the contents of the underwear drawers in the dresser, all his personal items from the medicine cabinet, and his shoes went into the boxes. She threw in a picture from their wedding.  Nothing was sacred to Duane, and maybe this would serve as a reminder. She dragged the boxes out on the front porch. On a big piece of poster board, she wrote “Duane’s Stuff” and fastened it to the boxes.

Slamming the front door, she slid the chain into place, grabbed her purse and the paperwork and left for the attorney’s office to meet Trevor Dean.  She wondered what was in store for her at his office.

To be continued next Tuesday......

Some of you gave me some thoughts about how you thought the story was going last week, so here's your chance to add your two cents to the story going forward.  What do you think? 

How will Judy get along with the new attorney, Trevor?
Do you think he will be a fighter for her welfare?
What does Judy have to deal with next?

Linda Kay
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