Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tree House Outdoors

Some of you are interested in the progress of the Tree House for Carson.  Last Friday we were able to recruit some heavy lifters to put up the sides on the house atop the platform.  After all was squared, plumbed and measured, we were then able to construct the support and the long header that will define the roof system.  That is now all in place for the rafters, the next project.  You may have seen my post on Monday that was the result of the support for the beam.  It required three hands to hold the support together for the nails, and my index finger got in the way of the hammer!

The sides are up!

This is the condition of my daughter's garage with all the lumber and workshop set up for the construction project.  Good thing she has a big garage.

The header for the rafters is in place.  Next is the rafter boards on each side.  That will take a bit of work and planning.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a safe and happy celebration of the New Year!

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Linda Kay
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