Friday, October 31, 2014

Tortilla Flat on Saturday

Earlier this week I promised you pictures of Tortilla Flat, AZ (not to be confused with John Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat).  If you click on the AZ TF, you will get a brief description of this little stopping place with 6 inhabitants.  This is not the same as the ghost town I presented on Tuesday of this week.  This place actually started out in the early 1900s as a stage stop.

We drove out of Chandler on a windy Rt. 88 to find this little strip of fun.  It sits below Superstition Mountain and boasts the Superstition Restaurant and Bar.  There is a shopping area and an ice cream shop and lots of rusty old stuff laying around.  That will show up on a Tuesday with Rubbish by Roan.  Needless to say, there were lots of motorcycles parked here.  Only a couple of miles away is the Canyon Lake.

The bathrooms are very entertaining, as you can see.  The dancehall girls are depicted on each door.  But the doors were mounted a little high, so had to be on my very tippy toes to be seen. I could only dream.....

This is the front of the buildings that show the ice cream shop and the hanging guy.

This view is from the other end looking toward the restaurant along the boardwalk.

Inside the restaurant are saddles for bar stools.  Along the other side of the L-shaped bar are a series of carved horses butts with tails.

And this is my entry for Saturday Critters - a Javelina (havelina) with a severed arm in its mouth.  Ugh!  Note the dollar bills plastered all over the walls.  The sandwiches were delicious and a fun time was had by all!

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

Linda Kay

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Are You Afraid Of?

Last Sunday in the USA Weekend there were three items listed that people might fear: Zombies, snakes and dolls.  It's Halloween, Reformation Day in the Lutheran Church (and others), but the time for ghosts and witches in the secular world.  Reformation is celebrated as the day Martin Luther hung his 95 theses for church reform on his church in Wittenberg on All Saints Day.  Someone identified him on a blog last week as the first real protester.  

Maybe he was, and he sure stirred up a lot of controversy.  If you click on his name, you will see more of this history, if you are interested.  On Sunday, I'll post pictures of Wittenberg and the Castle Church.

Enough of that, I digress - Here's what I'm most afraid of....darkness and basements, or dark basements.  When I was a little girl, I had an uncle who was about seven years older. He used to tell me ghost stories about ghosts in the basement.  We kept potatoes and canned goods in a room in the basement on the farm.  So he would say that a little girl went to the basement to get some fruit for her mother, when a ghost warned her not to tell anyone he was there.  The little girl grabbed the fruit and ran up the stairs to tell her mother that there was a ghost in the basement, but the mother just laughed at her.

That night, as the little girl slept, the ghost crept up the stairs from the basement, one step, two steps, three steps, four steps.  Then he climbed the stairs to the little girl's step, two steps, three steps, four steps, five steps.  When he got to the little girl's room, he started removing the cover, two covers, three covers...then GOTCHA!  He would grab me.  To this day, I cannot walk up the stairs from that basement that I don't feel that the ghost is right behind me!

Okay, so what are you afraid of?  Let's have a little fun on Halloween!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pondering Litter

The word 'litter' was a fun topic to peruse today from BYG Adventures, so thanks for the challenge, Brenda.

My first use of the word litter is for the puppies that might be born to one mama.  

Click here to go to the website where these puppies are offered for sale.  Doesn't the mama look absolutely exhausted?!

There are an amazing number of cat litters available on the market.  Each one claims to have no odor.  Really?  I think it's up to the cat owner to make sure the box is cleaned out fairly often to make sure the odor is not there.  Sorry for the intrusion, Kitty Kat.  Someone else took this picture.

This is a litter to carry a person.  A litter was often used to transport royalty by lifting the carriage onto long beams to be carried by subordinates.

And finally, the one with which we are all familiar - trash in the streets.  Why are folks so busy that they can't take the time to through the trash from their drinks and sandwiches into a trash receptacle.  To see this litter along the roads and streets makes me crazy!

Then, of course, there is the litter of clothes scattered on the floor for those who still have children or husbands (or themselves) who don't pick up and put away.  Be sure to visit Brenda to see what others have come up with to address the word litter.

Have a lovely Thursday, and please use the trash cans!

Linda Kay

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Flowers in Texas

I took some quick photos of the flowers still blooming vigorously in my yard.  So I'm linking in with A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.  Thanks for hosting!

Outdoor Wednesday logo

Red Lantana

Flame Acanthus

Orange Esperanza

Pride of Barbados

Turks Cap (note the red roses and the purple lantana as well)

We had enough rain to make the flowers come alive again.  It's about 85 degrees and a sunny day.

Happy Hump Day!

Linda Kay

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghost Town in New MexicoI

As we were traveling last week, we noted a ghost town on the way out west, then managed to stop by on our way back to get some photos.  My hubby is sooooo good about helping me get to the right spot to take a picture, some of which are a bit off the beaten path.  I was a little nervous getting out of the car.  It was eerily quiet, so kind of creepy.  These were taken just inside the border in New Mexico from Arizona.  This may have been a pretty active little town at some point, but has long been deserted.

This must have been an entrance at some point. Note the truck in the distance on Hwy 10

It appears that the store front says "Steins Mercantile" as near as I can tell.  I wonder what one might shop for here?

Common fencing evidently to protect the area.  

Linking in today with Rubbish Tuesday and with Good Fences.  Thanks for hosting, ladies!

Linda Kay

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Las Cruces, Along the Way West

From where we are in Texas, it is a long, long drive across Texas and into New Mexico.  We decided to make a stop in Las Cruces, New Mexico for an overnighter and were there early enough to go to dinner. 

On I-10 headed west, the speed limit is usually 80.  Note that the sign appears to be leaning backward from all the speeding vehicles!  

There are wide open spaces between the towns along the way and lots of desert with a few mountains thrown in as you reach El Paso.  Then I-10 heads just a bit north into New Mexico where the time changes.

In New Mexico

Very Dry with Snake Warnings

Dinner was delicious at this restaurant - La Posta de Mesilla (the street it's on)

Unusual decor

Strange Rock formations like boulders just before we crossed into Arizona.

Have a great week and a fabulous Monday.  Linking with Blue Monday with all this sky!  Thanks for hosting, Sally.

Linda Kay

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Little White Church

Churches come in so many shapes and sizes, each of them very unique in some way.  We found this little white church on our drive on Rt 88 in Arizona, on our way to Tortilla Flat.  I'll tell you more about Tortilla Flat in a later post.

With the mountains hazy behind the church, its white paint really stands out.  I'm not sure what the plant is in front of it, but we saw many of these in the desert.  This shot was taken from a car window, so please excuse the reflection.

Have a blessed day!
Linda Kay

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mountain Goats

It's Saturday and time to join Viewing Nature with Eileen for Saturday Critters.  Eileen, thanks for hosting.

While on a boat ride on the Canyon Lake in Arizona, we got to see the Mountain Sheep.

This one was posing for us way up on the mountain.  It's amazing to see how they get around on all those rocks.  One of our friends said this is just a mock up, and when the boat goes by it flips up to look like we are seeing a real sheep.

But these were pretty unmistakable.  A ram and two ewes posing for us.

We have a wine festival in Fredericksburg going out to have a bit of sampling.

Linda Kay

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Reflections

It's Friday, and I've had a long week filled with fun and adventure.  So thought I might share a couple of thoughts with you for Willy Nilly Friday.

1.  As you know if you have been reading the blog, we enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Arizona with some very dear friends.  The ladies in this picture with me have been friends since the 80s when we all attended church together in Morton, IL. We reminisced about old times, shared frustrations and joys about our children, and laughed hysterically about crazy things in our memories.  This picture was taken at the Queen Creek Olive Mill  where we sampled olive oil and lunched on cheeses, olives and salami's and salads.

2.  Since we have been doing lots of travel, and using our credit card pretty much at full speed to accumulate points, we got a special offer from the card company to raise our credit limit.  Not sure we need to do this, as we never max out the card, but I suppose it doesn't make a difference.  Any thoughts on increasing the credit limit that is already $12,000?

3.  Style show...Our subdivision is sponsoring a "Hats Off to Fashion" Style Show.  There is a charge for the luncheon that will yield about $5 per ticket to go for our Breast Cancer Fund.  We cover the neighborhood for donations later, but this will go into our kitty as a fund-raiser.  I have a giant blue hat to wear to the luncheon, so will have to post a selfie for you.

4.  Plans are in the works among our family to all get together in Texas for Christmas holidays.  My three granddaughters and two of the boyfriends will be driving to Texas from Illinois on Christmas Day, along with my son and his wife and two kids about the same time.  My older daughter has a big house, where all will stay for several days.  There will be food, fun and presents for sure, so we are all holding our breath that us Texans will get to spend some holiday with the family.  I talked to my son this morning.  He and his wife are working on getting their house ready to sell, as they are actually moving to Texas next spring/summer.  If all goes well, I'll have all three kids within about an hour.  I'm elated!

5.  This picture was taken from the patio of one of our group's homes (one couple lives in Arizona full time, another just part time).  Sunsets and sunrises are probably the most beautiful times of day.  When you can sit in solitude and observe these times of day, the benefits are immeasurable.

That's it for this Friday.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Be sure to share your thoughts with Tanya for Willy Nilly Friday 5!
Around Roanoke
Linda Kay

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fences in Las Cruces

In our travels through New Mexico on our way to Arizona, we spent the night in Las Cruces.  I'm sure my hubby is getting really tired of me saying "Oh, stop here.   I need a picture of that!  We did find some great fences to share with Josie 2 Shoes for Good Fences.  So check these out:
Taken through the dash passing through El Paso TX - an overpass on I 10

Taken at a rest area just outside of Las Cruces. 

Fence around a personal residence in Las Cruces

Really?  This fence in front of a hotel!  Pretty rustic!

I actually have a few more, but don't want to bore you with all the fences we found.  So have a great Thursday.  I'm back home so need to now organize my stuff.

Linda Kay

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bush Whacker Furniture

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Hubby and I made a trip to San Marcos, TX at a camp ground to meet up with some really wonderful friends from back in Whitney at White Bluff, and along the way we were looking for rubbish and fences as we traveled the countryside.  So, linking with Rubbish by Roan and Good Fences, here's our shot of the Bush Whacker Hand Made Furniture establishment, obviously looking a bit worn out.  Interestingly a truck drove up to the gate while I was taking this picture and appeared to be going there to go to work.  Really?  

Obviously both the building and the fence are in dire need of repair.  Thanks for hosting, ladies!  A big dog came out of nowhere to run in my direction, so I quickly jumped back in the car.

Have a great day!

Linda Kay

Universe vs Stupidity

I listened to a speaker this week who referred to Einstein as saying:  "Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe."  I found this research on the  subject.  Obviously there is some question as to whether Einstein actually said this, but let's just talk about stupidity for a moment.

Ever heard of Larry Walters and the Lawn Chair Pilot?  Here is the Wikipedia Story, so be sure to read the entire story to see what you think.  Basically, he attached a large number of helium filled balloons to a lawn chair, loaded up some food and drink and was launched into the air.  He went much higher than expected and was charged with interfering with airplane traffic, etc.  After the incident, he even had a short stint as a speaker about his motivation and experience.  

What's that quote from Forest Gump?  Stupid is as stupid does?

What is the stupidest think you have heard of?  Let's all have a chuckle today.

Have a great Wednesday!

Linda Kay

Blue, Blue, Blue

This beautiful blue display was on a wall at the Abuelos Restaurant in Austin.  So on this Monday, while I'm traveling this week, I'm joining in to Blue Monday and Mosaic Monday with this electric blue picture!  The food was very good, Mexican theme. 

Have a bright blue Monday

Linda Kay

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

That's My Spot, Thank You!

You may have to look close to see this little guy eating away on his acorn.  The funny story about him is that we were all sitting at the campground, and we are pretty sure we were in his acorn burial ground.  Just a few minutes before this picture was taken, he was running up and down the roof of the building, barking and scolding us for being where he wanted to bury the acorn.  We couldn't believe all the racket he was making.  Giving up on moving us to another place, he just decided to eat the darn acorn.  

Joining today with Eileen for Saturday Critters.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Linda Kay

Five Thoughts For A Friday

The week of October 5th through the 12th was really busy.  There was so much going on, that I wasn't sure what the day was until I looked at the calendar.  I'm sure you have all experienced this as well, but I'll share some of the things that are on my mind from that week.

1.  Book Signings - I always knew that if I ever published a book that one of the hardest things to do would be to promote it.  My dear friends had a book signing for me in the subdivision, and we had a lovely time greeting neighbors and some from outside the neighborhood.  That was on Oct. 5th.  Then on the 11th, I had a book signing at Hastings in Kerrville.  This is a book, video, cd, dvd, etc. etc. store, and they allowed me to drag in all my stuff for a book signing.  All went well, and I'm busy sending out free downloads for the winners of the drawing.  I'm having fun!

2.  High school reunion - My older daughter met up with some girlfriends in Nashville this last weekend for a girls' weekend.  The four of them met up in Illinois, where three of them still live and decided at that time that they needed to plan something for old times sake. How about you, do you still keep in touch with high school friends?  There are a few from my class who keep in touch on Facebook, and our last class president keeps us informed of family issues of classmates.  We plan to all meet up in Hawaii in 2017!

3.  Fish Fry-

 The small town of Stonewall had a fish fry on Friday night, and this is attended by probably 10 times the population of the town.  (I've heard the total is 2,500). It is a fundraiser for the Fire Department and EMTs.  In the area, there are several of these fish fries, but many think this is the best one.  There is also a raffle for a number of donated items, so many buy these raffle tickets at six for $20.  The food is by free will donation.  Needless to say our name was not drawn!

Looks pretty yummy, don't you think?  There is fish (catfish fillets), beans, cole slaw, sweet rice, and all the trimmings.

 We went to see Gone Girl.  Now I need to read the book.  Oh my this movie is really gross and very creepy.  If you are really offended by blood or by sex, then don't go.  The story is pretty riveting, but you have to get past all that goes on during the movie to find the story.  Whew!

5.  Hubby and I are dancing!  Well, let's say we are trying to learn the Texas 2 Step and the Waltz.  I may have mentioned this already, but it's on my mind.  We have been practicing here at home, and we had our last lesson on Monday night.  

And speaking of Monday, in the afternoon my book club friends were escorted around some of the town by Celia Hayes.  Celia writes historical fiction, and wrote a trilogy about this area as it was inhabited by German immigrants.  Celia writes a blog, which I've linked here.  It was a very enjoyable time.

Then to top off our week, we attended the Riverbend church in Austin with some friends on Sunday.  This is a mega-church with unbelievable music and a lovely campus.  We went to lunch before returning to Fredericksburg.

Whew!  Are you exhausted?  Now we are off to Arizona to meet up with friends for a 65th birthday celebration (my hubby had a birthday in May).  There are eight couples meeting up from all over.  We originally all met when we were living in Morton, Illinois.  We attended church together there.  We would go to the eight o'clock service, then go to a restaurant for breakfast....The Culture Club.  I'll share some pictures next week.

Linking up with Willy Nilly Friday 5. Thanks for hosting, Theresa
Around Roanoke

Have a good weekend!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Slide, Slide, Slide

Good Friends, I will be posting along my route to Arizona and back in the next few days.  I may not have a chance to comment on all your posts on your blogs, but I'll be back!  We are spending a few days with some dear friends from Illinois.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes it's really a challenge to come up with just the right discourse on the words Brenda comes up with.  Today's word is "slide"... hmmmm

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the slide at the playground.  How may of us don't remember the slide on the playground, and those kids who used to push the younger ones down ahead of them.  Then when our own kids were sliding, we had to stand at the bottom to catch them.  There were always some mulch or some sand at the bottom for softer landings.  But there were many a scraped knee.  

McDonald's brought in a whole new adventure with it's playgrounds in the restaurants.  Did you know you can buy McDonald's equipment on the net?  Check this out.

Here's my favorite little baseball player getting ready to throw out a guy who is trying to slide into first base!

Many of you will remember this little machine.  With the old 35mm cameras, we used to create these wonderful slides that we could display on a blank wall with this slide projector.  The carousel would hold a large number of slides, and with the click of a button, you could advance through the slides to tell the story of your trip.  Hubby took some fabulous pictures of a trip we took back in the 90s to Russia, Czech Republic and Poland, and these are all on slides.  We have since given away the projector and carousels, but we still have all those pictures on slides.  I'll put the conversion of these to a disk on my "to do" list.

And my last thought is for the people who just seem to be content to slide by through life.  There is a greater degree of not taking responsibility for activity or even non-activity.  What's your theory or commentary on "sliding by?"

Linking with BYG Adventures.  Thanks for hosting, Brenda!

Linda Kay

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