Monday, January 19, 2015

Cotton Harvest

Cotton Harvest

Some of you may never have seen a cotton plant or observed the process to get the cotton to the processing plants to make cloth for the clothes you wear. Excuse my shadow, I had to stand between the sun and the plant so I could see! 

We were driving to Eldorado TX, where we picked up the venison I posted about last week, when we noticed there was action in the fields.

There were several large pieces of equipment scattered about.  A large sort of combine machine was passing through the field, although it appeared he had missed a considerable amount of cotton still on the plants.  There was a huge rectangular wagon, which I am assuming was used to make the cotton bales.

For you farm and ranch folks out there, it looks like there is mostly John Deer equipment. Here's a picture of a John Deer Cotton Picker I found on the Internet:
This whole harvesting project produces huge bales of cotton to be taken to the processing plants. These were scatted around the fields, covered with a tarp and marked with a brand probably identifying their source, I'd guess.

My hubby and I did get a bit of chuckle, however.  If you can't make it growing cotton in Eldorado, just drill for oil!

This area near San Angelo TX is one of the newer sights for oil drilling in Texas.

If you would like to know more about the history of Cotton Harvesting, just click here. Since this harvesting used to be done by hand, I can imagine how the hands and fingers must have been raw and bleeding by the end of a hard day in the cotton fields. The thorns and stems on these are brutal! The "Song of the South" is a patriotic song from our history.

Words and pictures from the song and the Confederate armies. Please, I am not making a political statement!

Linda Kay
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