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Judy's New Life #8 - Is the End Near?

Judy's New Life #8
The next day, Duane gathered all his things from Sally’s house, leaving the key on the kitchen counter as he left. He and the girls kept the house in good order while they waited for Carl to be released and for Judy to return home.

Judy had a good deal of time to think while she sat with Carl and wandered the halls of the hospital. Duane was back in her home spending time with the girls, which prompted her nostalgia. But how was she going to move forward. Things were different now. She had a job to go to. He had been unfaithful. How could she ever trust him again or get the image of him with Sally out of her mind? There would be an expectation for her to decide what would happen next in their marriage.

When Carl was released Duane was there to bring Judy and his son back to the house, where Carl was greeted with excitement from his sisters. They made him comfortable on the couch so he could be near the television. A small table was set up for drinks and food, while pillows and blankets were placed around him.

“Hey, I could get used to this treatment!” Carl commented to the girls.

While the children were gathered in the family room, Judy and Duane walked into the kitchen where they poured a glass of wine and sat at the kitchen counter.

“What happens now?” Judy asked, sipping her wine and looking into Duane’s eyes.

“Judy, I want us to be together. I’ve made a terrible mistake, but I hope you will give me another chance to prove my love for you and the kids.”

“It’s just not that simple, Duane. I’ve had a lot of time to think about you and about us. I have a job now, and I like having my independence.” Duane took her hand.

“The girls and I have had a great time together the last few days. We can all work through this, if you are willing to give it a try. For now, I can help with tending to Carl. Will you try?”

“Mom!” Carl broke the spell of the moment, and Judy went to the family room to see what he needed, her heart heavy from listening to Duane. 

“I’m starving. Can we get pizza? That hospital food was the pits!”

Judy looked to Duane who immediately grabbed his coat to make a run to the pizza parlor.

“What does everyone want?” he asked. “Who wants to go along to help carry?”

Judy smiled at his enthusiasm. For now he seemed to really be eager to please the kids as well as her. This was such a change from his distance for the last several months as he pursued his love affair. She couldn’t stop the anger that welled up inside her as her mood changed.

After everyone was tucked in, Judy excused herself from the family to take a hot bath and retire early. By the time she had her bath and read for a while, the house grew quiet with all the family in bed. The only sound was the chiming of the clock at eleven. She turned out the light and rolled onto her side, tucking her pillow firmly under her head. Then she heard a light tapping on her door. She knew it was Duane. Again she felt angry with him for assuming he could renew their physical relationship so quickly. She turned her head the other way and did not answer the door.
Here ends my story of Judy’s New Life, leaving each of you to decide the outcome. If I get some good possibilities for the end of the story, I may be back next week with an ending.
Will they get back together?
How would you write the ending?
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