Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday - From the Times

Joining in today with Good Random Fun

The Good:
This is my old high school, Delavan Community Unit School District 703 in Delavan, Illinois. The reason I'm showing you this picture, an interesting article appeared in the Delavan Times a few weeks ago from January, 1923. It included the reception held at the "new high school" on New Years' Day. I'm always fascinated by these old articles back in the day. My dad graduated from DCHS in 1934, then me, then my daughter graduated from there in 1984, fifty years after my dad. Here's how he looked in his graduation picture, the same year he met my mother.

Some of you have seen this before if you follow my blog. Here are some facts noted in the article, among the mention of all the new amenities that will be offered: "The cost of the building including plumbing and heating, was approximately $120,000.  The site cost $10,000 and includes all the old fair grounds, thirteen acres in extent.  Furniture and fixtures, landscaping and other expense will bring the total to near the bond issue of $150,000, which was voted at a special election. The bonds mature in fifteen years."
"Also note that a basketball game was played in the gymnasium between the high school and a team from the Alumni Association. Dancing concluded the evening's entertainment."

Isn't that fun to think about all those years ago? Now it appears that the High School may be relocated. Hmmm. 1923? Think of the old buildings in Europe and how old they are. Hope they don't take it down.

And here is an item for you. I'm quoting from the Times on this ad from Red's Cash Grocery in town:

Sugar, 9c lb, 12 lbs for $1.00                               Now about 88c lb.
3 lbs our famous Peaberry coffee - 93c               $10.55 - a big increase!
1 doz largest oranges packed - 60c                     Now $1.98/4 or almost $6.00
4 pkgs macaroni or spaghetti - 29c                      $6.00
No. 3 can Libby's Roast Beef - 45c                      Not available
2 lrg pkgs Kellogg Corn Flakes - 25c                   $2.73

For my friends in countries outside the US, these prices from 1923 are so tiny compared to what we pay for food now here in the states. And the cost of building is many times more expensive. I'm sure you find these prices have increased in your countries as well. Please share with me if you can find an example in your neck of the woods.
We have to eat!


Here in the compound subdivision we often have special events as I have shared with you before. This Saturday we had a Soup Supper and White Elephant Gift Exchange, so I thought I'd share some of the fun with you. The rules of the White Elephant exchange are:
All those in attendance receive a number.
The first person selects a gift and opens it.
The second person can either select a gift or "steal" from the first person.
If the gift is stolen, that person gets to select another gift to open.
The process continues until all gifts are out.
Each item can only be in the hands of three in attendance, or it becomes "frozen."
The gifts can be nice, silly, outrageous or just about anything for the imagination.

Here's the layout with the folks starting through the line with 10 soups to choose from, crackers, breads and salads, and dessert.

One of the "hot items" for the evening was the dressed sock monkey. This one was frozen when my neighbor took the final "steal". I've shown a few other items in this collage. There were 40 items in total to be opened, stolen, or treasured. We had a great time with lots of laughter!

Happy Monday
Linda Kay


biebkriebels said...

That soupparty looks like great fun. I have heard about that gift play here too.

eileeninmd said...

Wow, prices of groceries have increased big time! The soup supper and gift exchange sounds like a fun evening.. I love the sock monkey.. Have a happy day!

whiteangel said...

I expect the prices will rise down here, they probably already have, but we still buy.
Nice to see you had fun.

Tamar SB said...

The dressed up sock monkey is a hoot!
The prices are such a throwback - yay inflation!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

That's a serious table of gifts. Let's play first - eat later!

Tabor said...

The inflation of food and other items important to the elderly is why I do not like the way they calculate the cost of living increases.

Lin Floyd said...

with the low prices the pay was low too so it all balances out...

Karen S. said...

Interesting post! i adore the dress on sock monkey!

TexWisGirl said...

those white elephant things are always a riot. :) neat that you had 3 generations graduate from that h.s.

Cranberry Morning said...

Such an interesting post! I do think that people in other countries have to spend way more of their income on food than we do in this country, even with the high prices we have. I love looking at the contrast in prices between then and now.

Mike said...

Ah the old castle motif high school. I went to one of those too and it's still in use.

Michelle F said...

Linda Kay, that is an awesome school.
I hope they don't tear it down.
Where I went to school, 1-6, is the same place my parents went.
Back in the day it was 1-12.
There is a huge cafeteria and a nice auditorium.
I remember seeing great plays put on by the high school drama department.
Everyone in town came and supported the plays.
The school plays I have gone to lately don't compare with what I saw.

That's a handsome picture of your dad.

I love playing the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Lots of fun!
I'm used to the way you played.
However, I have participated where the rules were slightly different.

DeniseinVA said...

How neat to share that history of the school with our Dad. Those prices are amazing. Makes you wonder where they'll be in 50 years!!!

Linda W. said...

Amazing how little things cost back then. Of course, people didn't make a lot of money either. Interesting facts, thanks for sharing!

Gosia k said...

Wow, definitely your prices are lower than in Europe. Your gas and food is the cheapest in the world. Believe me.... Europe is very expensive...

William Kendall said...

The white elephant exchange looks fun!

".E." Lizard Breath Speaks, It's Beth said...

i always wonder why grocery prices have to be so $$$ because i feel like more people would buy more if they were less expensive. you know??! just stinks. ( :

Val said...

Oh, Linda Kay, we used to play that steal game with presents at my work Christmas party every year. I made two kinds of soup yesterday and today so we are going to have our own soup party. The story about the high school is interesting and so are the way prices have increased! thanks for sharing.

Janie Junebug said...

Twelve pounds of sugar for a dollar? I don't know how much sugar costs now, but I suspect it's more than that. The price of milk is below $3, which makes me quite happy. I like the old school. If the powers that be decide to build a new school, I hope they find a way to use the old school.


Cherdo said...

That looks like a really fun evening with the neighborhood friends. I've got to admit, I'd be trying to grab the sock monkey, too...

The Yum List said...

"Good random fun" - I like that theme!

Amy at love made my home said...

The soup and swap sounds like lots of fun!! It is interesting to look back at how things have changed isn't it. I know that food prices have increased a lot here. The price of the bread rolls for my hubbys packed lunch has doubled in the last 5 or so years. Incredible! xx

Anvilcloud said...

How neat that three generations graduated from the same HS.

I think most developed countries would be glad to get food as cheaply as you guys do, not to mention gas, clothes and just about everything else.

Jeanne said...

Hello Linda Kay, What an interesting post to share. I love reading the story and the photos. Your dad was very handsome in the photo you shared.
I hope they do not tear down the wonderful old school. My mother attended the same school as I did too. It was a country school with 12 grades in four rooms. It was torn down many years ago.

The soup supper sounds like so much fun. the 40 gifts are impressive. I too loved the sock monkey.

As for the cost of food today it is awful. I don't think wages have kept up with the high cost of food these days. I remember when $25. was my weekly budget to feed 5 children and my husband and I. (1964) Those were the days.

A great and fun post.

Rose said...

One time at a Christmas get together we played that gift or two women actually ended up mad. LOL

I enjoyed this post...You might want to read this one:

The part I am talking about is down near the lists what I got for $28!

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