Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Writing Opportunity

Just in case you are looking for a writing challenge, I am starting a new link up for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom:

Many blogs have wonderful pictures posted: barns, old junk, abandoned buildings. Often comments will say something to the effect: 'that place could really tell a story'.  My challenge to my blogger friends who like to write is to share a story about a picture you might have. It can also link to other blogs as well. For example, you might post a Good Fences picture, but then write a story that relates to the picture.  You might also have a picture for Rubbish by Roan, and write a story about what you imagine the junk to be in its original state.

Keep the story a bit brief, but share the thoughts and imagination from your personal view of the photo. Here's hoping you can have some fun with this.  I'll be posting a picture story on Wednesday.  The link up will open on Wednesday morning early. Mark your calendar for this week or next and join in.  You'll also be able to link up and see what others have created. The link up is on a separate page on my blog.

Have a blessed Sunday

Linda Kay
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