Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prim and Proper

She carried herself well and her clothes were pressed in perfect pleats and creases. After all, her parents had raised her to be prim and proper in their home. The guests had arrived and she walked among them, barely noticing each as she nodded a greeting and put on a smile. Despite any personal feelings, be they sad or angry, the world should never know, lest the image of the family would be tarnished. The oldest family friends noticed her and remarked at her beauty as they watched her moving toward the parlor door.

In the hall, she took the steps on the circular staircase slowly and deliberately so as not to draw attention to herself. She lifted the folds of her dress to keep from stepping on it. Finally reaching her room, she quickly closed the door and slid the latch in place. Then she slipped out of her shoes and discarded her gown, laying it out carefully on her bed. From her closet she retrieved a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, boots and a light jacket. Her bag was already packed. She unpinned her long hair and tied it back in a pony tail.

Silently she made her way down the back stairs, stepping on the outsides of the steps to keep them from creaking. In the barn, her horse was saddled and ready, having prepared him early in the morning. She fastened the bag to her saddle, mounted the horse and sped out across the field. The air was cool and her hair bounced with every gallop of her horse. She felt like laughing, finally escaping the confines of the house with all its rules and formality. He would be waiting for her over the rise, ready to take her in his arms. The pieces of their lives would finally fit together like a puzzle; she from her background of wealth and power and he from his life of poverty and hard work.  They would make a new life, one of love and happiness. Today she was free.

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