Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Lighthouse - Santorini

There were so many things to write about from our Mediterranean Cruise. One of the most outstanding stops was at Santorini Island near Greece. This picture is from the ship as we were either coming in or going out of the port. Actually the ship had to stay out quite a way from the island and we were shuttled in on smaller boats. There were three ways to get to the top of the island where everything was located, either by donkey, a special bus, or the lifts. Our tour had a bus lined up for the ascent, but we took the lifts back down at the end of the day visit. 

Just for a moment imagine the white houses with their blue roofs and the view from way up on the island down on the ship that looked like a small child's play toy in the blue sea. That was the view we had when we visited the winery with the olive groves.  

The Mediterranean trip was awesome on the Celebrity Cruise ship. I highly recommend it as a fantastic way to see a great section of Europe.

Have a special Saturday and a restful weekend.

Linda Kay
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