Thursday, January 29, 2015

Texas Ranch Fence

Today's gate is a pretty typical country gate in Texas, constructed of aluminum or steel and simple in design. But often, as in this one, there is a beautiful stone wall or pillars leading up to the gate, making the entrance more attractive.  Notice that there is a cactus planted there. The trees in the background are still pretty green, but actually stay green all winter in Texas. These would be the live oak trees. 

Ranches in Texas tend to be very large in acreage. This one has a dirt and gravel road leading back into the ranch, where there is probably a lovely ranch house, hidden from the road and secure in the trees.  Because of the usually mild weather, there tends to always be at least some green grass, as you can see in this picture. As I'm writing this on this January day, it is sunny and 70 degrees. We had a bit of frost last week, but the flowers are all trying to poke through to greet the sunshine. They could still get a surprise frost.

Have a wonderful Thursday.  Thanks for hosting the Good Fences Tex!

Linda Kay
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