Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday, Hump Day

Sharing some random thoughts with you today- fits my mood for this 'hump day'. 

Today is my writing day, and this cartoon was posted on Facebook. Sometimes as a writer it is hard to get the brain in motion, so this cartoon seemed like a great way to start my day, sympathizing with Snoopy!

We just had the most fabulous oatmeal breakfast on this chilly winter day. And it was so easy. In the crockpot, lined with one of those crockpot liners (these keep the oatmeal from sticking to the sides), put in four cups of water and one cup of steel cut outs with a bit of salt. Set the crockpot on low the night before and let it cook for at least seven hours. Stir and serve. Add in a bit of cream, some cinnamon, a few pecans or nuts of choice, and a packet of Splenda. Ta Da! Yummy and satisfying.

Last Monday, my committee was in charge of decorations (Winter Wonderland) and supplying food for our compound subdivision ladies at Heritage Hill Country. This event is monthly and about forty ladies attend for a bit of sharing time and good breakfast yummies.  We had two egg casseroles, two coffee cakes, some of those little quiches, and a bowl of fruit to share.  But following are the pictures of our layout:

 We served juice and a mimosas, and coffee.

Each table had a silver poinsettia, sparkly tinsel, and mirrors underneath the plant.

The Front Entrance was also silvery and white. 
Note that we found all the decorations for 75% off at WalMart!

I was the speaker and talked about preserving memories for future generations. Have you done your memoirs for your families? Check out the book 'To Our Childrens' Children' by Bob Greene.  It has lots of questions to stimulate memories.

Hubby has had a head cold, so I'm not kissin' him. I do not want that awful sniffles and coughing that makes you pee your pants. I'm pampering him, and we've been kind of holed up in the house lately.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Linda Kay

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