Friday, February 6, 2015

Celebrating on Friday

I have not joined Dixie for Celebrate, so I'm joining in today. Thanks for hosting the party!

1.  I'm celebrating that I now have all the forms I need to work on my taxes, at least I think so. I've already completed my daughter and SIL's forms, so now it's our turn. Got the TurboTax program loaded, copied in last year's info, so ready to go. You might remember that I was a CPA in my former life. Probably the real celebration will come when I'm finished with the taxes, provided we don't owe any additional money. This year has gotten more complicated than in the past, but probably not in areas that effect our return.

2. We have traveled to places in Europe with our friends George and Sue on three separate occasions. This picture was taken on our river boat cruise, followed by a driving tour of Germany and Denmark for three weeks. We have a lot in common. They spend January in Tucson AZ every year, near her sister, and they stopped for a visit with us this week.  We had a great time reminiscing and looking at our photo albums. 

3. New Boots! You might remember that hubby and I are taking dancing lessons from our friend Rocky in a class sponsored by the school district. This next Tuesday we start a more advanced class of Texas Two-Step, Cotton-eyed Joe, and a bit of swing. So while out shopping yesterday, we went into a new boot store and I found these. I'm ready to dance! 

After shopping, we went with our friends to see "Black or White" with Kevin Costner. I loved it. There has been a lot of controversy as to whether it was a racist movie, but I found it to be a delightful story. 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.  Thanks so much for stopping by and sending me wonderful comments.  It really means a lot to me!

Linda Kay
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