Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday in Fredericksburg

Did you know that my town, Fredericksburg TX has now been rated as one of the best places to retire....and here I am!

When our friends George and Sue visited recently, we went to the Marktplatz (Market Place Park) to check out the Vereins Kirche, which I have shown to you before. There is a picture (actually several) on the website you can visit, but here is one we took that day as well.
This used to sit in the middle of Main Street and was attended by all religions of the first German settlers.

Further into the park there is a statue and a plaque depicting the organizer of those German settlers, John Meusebach.

The really interesting and historical information about John was that he established a treaty with the Native Americans, mostly Comanche tribes, to protect the settlers from these warring factions who terrorized the area...not saying they didn't have a right. Fredericksburg was right in Comanche Territory.

This statue is in the park as well, along with another standing brave.  Nearby, there is a little water wheel turning to add a bit of ambiance.

Do you have a Valentine for your sweetie? Better get busy, as tomorrow's the day! And don't mention it to anyone, but today is Friday the 13th!

Linda Kay
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