Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Good Random Fun

Weekends are always busy for my hubby and me. But we had a pretty restful day on Sunday after church and Sunday School.  We have a great SS class going right now with other couples, most of them younger. Enjoyed the football game, especially half time and the commercials.

You might remember that we were going to see the play 'Chicago' at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio on Friday. Usually there is not a single person in the cast you would recognize. But in Friday's performance John O'Hurley played the part of Billy Flynn, the lawyer for Roxie Hart. Remember John?  You see him on many commercials, but he is most recognized for his role as J. Peterman on "Seinfeld" back in the day.

He did a great job in the play, but it was really fun to see this recognizable face.  The musical was fantastic, the most amazing choreography. Be sure it see it if it comes your way!

As I was looking at some jackets in the stores recently, I noticed there was a lot of "bling" on the jackets. In my jewelry box are a number of pins that I never wear because it just doesn't seem to be in style anymore. However, I decided to pin some of these to a denim jacket for fun. It's been fun to wear it, with lots of folks asking me about the pins. Only a couple of them have real significance.

The tiny shoes on the left in the picture were worn by my husband's mother when she was a child, purchased from the Sioux in South Dakota. The bottom right was a gift from my only living aunt. The angel above it was given to me one Christmas by my staff at the bank one year. It has some charms for keys, a table, a phone, a calculator, and a bag of money. The flag is sparkly with diamonds rhinestones.

The Fun:
I really do enjoy helping my children with projects.  We have the tree house project going, and we successfully completed putting the roof boards and the tar paper on the roof before it rained. Big accomplishment! Then on Saturday we went to my daughter Angel's to help her paint her kitchen.  Angel has lived in an apartment for a long time, but now has a house rented. The kitchen was painted sort of a mustard color with red on the soffits in the kitchen!

At the top right of the picture you can see that we were covering the red with a medium blue. The rest of the kitchen, off to the right is painted a lighter blue. She was so excited when it was all finished. The whole kitchen was much brighter and warmer. We took this selfie to share with ya!

No makeup, hair in a mess, but having a fun time together.  By the time we got home, after swinging a hammer on the tree house, and painting with a brush and roller, I thought my arm would literally fall off. Just a little harder to do stuff these days! Don't you love my painter's cap? Sorry about the reflection in the glasses. Linking in today with Good Random Fun. Thanks for hosting, Tamar!

Have a special Monday

Linda Kay
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