Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Sharing

How about I share a few things from the weekend with you?

A Good Story:
We sent my grandson a Valentine so he would get it in the mail, and we enclosed a $5 bill, assuming he would play some game or spend it on candy or such. Last week there was a tragic house explosion across the street from his grade school, and the house was completely destroyed. The school is conducting a fund raiser for the family. Guess where Carson took his $5....directly to the school to put in the collection for the family. I'm so proud of him. There was no couching from mom and dad either.

At Random:
Polly is now about a year and a half old, still full of energy, and hates a bath. So hubby hands her to me in the shower and we take a shower together, then I hand her back out to get dried.

A few days later she had an appointment at the dog groomer. It's hard to get her to pose for the camera, but she was sitting by the back door keeping an eye on the squirrel that raids the bird feeders. If she is outside, she barks like crazy. She weights in about 7-8 pounds. Isn't that a face to die for?


I shared with you that our youth group at Holy Ghost Lutheran hold an annual Valentine Dinner as a fund raiser for their camp fees, etc. This is our third year to attend.  They decorate the fellowship hall really beautifully. A local chef who is a member of the church does all the cooking, and the teens serve salads, main courses of meat, vegetables and potatoes, and desserts in true elegant style. Then they have a short program for those in attendance. It's fun, a perfect place to go for the Valentine meal.

And these for Valentine's day from my sweetie! The lilies are now opening, and the aroma is pretty overpowering.

Linking today with Good Random Fun. Thanks for hosting, Tamar!

Linda Kay
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