Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Castle Tower

Hello. I lived in a castle on the river Main in Germany. Many years have passed since my family lived here and now many come to the castle to view what remains of all the treasures my family collected over many years. My father watched over the trade that passed along the river and became very wealthy. I used to wander up the long flights of stairs to go to the top of the tower and look down at all the many happy people who walked the streets of the town. You can see the tower on the top right of this photo some tourist took.

This was my view from the tower. 

One day a young girl with long, golden hair came up the stairs to the tower.  I watched her as she twisted her hair with her finger, tangled from running and playing, and looked out over my town. She sang a lovely song that made my heart cry for my lonely days in the castle tower. I closed the door and bolted it from the inside. She lives with me now in the tower, and we laugh and chase each other around the castle when no one is here. At last I am not alone. And she is happy that I am her friend. When people come to the castle, we run to our tower and bolt the door. No one dares to enter.

Linking today with Josie for Two Shoes Tuesday with the words tangled and tower. The pictures are from our river cruise in 2010 on the Main River, Viking Cruises.

Tuesday Blessings to all.
Linda Kay
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