Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Ramblings

Josie had given us two words for this week: Faithful and Furniture at Two Shoes Tuesday.
I took a few minutes to look up the words on Google, and there are many antonyms and synonyms in regard to the word 'faithful'. One word of a synonym that sort of stimulated my early morning brain was the thought of being conscientious. There has been a lot of discussion of late of a certain news figure stretching the truth of his adventures in the world of journalism. But he definitely isn't alone in this accusation. One of the words as an antonym of 'faithful' is irresponsible. I'm just thinking that if our news media were dedicated to be conscientious and responsible in the reporting we hear, we would be a lot better off. It is hard for me to watch the news at six or at ten, as I'm suspicious of everything I see and hear. That's pretty sad.

Another synonym is, of course, being dedicated to something.

I'm pretty faithful to our Friday Night Art Walk here in Fredericksburg. We get to wander all over town to the art galleries (there are many), and enjoy a snack and a glass of wine at most of them.  Some are art and antique stores, and in one of these I found this lovely furniture at Larry Jackson's Art and Antiques.
Among the antiques I found these lovely dishes, which I'm sure some of you would love to have for your table. Don't you just love the blue?
Then there is the usual lovely artwork, so I'll share a couple of these from the Hannah Gallery:
One of my favorite shops is the more eclectic Artisans on Main, where one can find all sorts of unusual items:

I'll also link to Sally's Blue Monday with the blue dishes!  Thanks for hosting, ladies!

Linda Kay
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