Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Writer's Block

Kelli had written over fifty thousand words in her new book, but today she just could not get her mind working. Something was blocking the imagination that flowed into her fingertips at the keyboard. She had often heard others in her writers’ circle mention those moments of writer’s block, but this was her first encounter. The words at this point in her story were so crucial to the reader’s understanding.

She got up from the computer and walked into the kitchen to fix a cup of tea. Staring out the window, she watched a squirrel raiding the bird feeder, while a blue jay screamed a stream of curse words at him. It made her smile at the animated struggle for food. She turned back toward the refrigerator and noticed the wedding invitation clinging to the front door with the help of the insurance company calendar and magnet.

Her granddaughter was getting married in a few months. She and her fiancĂ© had been dating and living together for almost seven years, so the wedding was no surprise. Such a beautiful girl. He would be in college for some time yet, as he was going on to get a dental degree. The world was waiting for them to stretch out to explore a new location and new jobs to complete this part of his education. Questions popped into Kelli’s mind. Would there be a baby too soon? How would her granddaughter handle being the provider while he studied?

Were these questions interfering with her ability to continue her story? Well, maybe, just maybe these questions were there to integrate into her story.

She added a teaspoon of sugar to her tea and stirred it slowly. Returning to her keyboard, she hesitated momentarily until the words began to flow once again. Saved by the granddaughter, she wrote answers to her own questions as she composed the next chapter.

Linking today to Two Shoes Tuesday, words for today are imagination and invitation. Thanks for hosting!

Linda Kay
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