Monday, March 30, 2015

Blue Monday

It's been a while since I've joined in with Smiling Sally on Blue Monday, so here goes!

I walked around my house and took a few pictures to share with you.
 This is a special picture that hangs in my kitchen to remind me of my visit to Spain. I bought the picture from a street vendor, and felt it really captures the area well. 

 This is just my common old ordinary salt and pepper shakes, but they kind of look like Flow Blue, don't they? I enjoy them on my table and counter.

 This is a special picture of my three children, Heidi, Angel, and Randy. This was taken several years ago, but they are all still beautiful, loving kids. The girls live within an hour of my home, and my son is working on moving to Texas with his family.

I shared this picture of the Soup Tureen that belonged to my mother on Friday, but it is blue, so here it is again.

All of these are cheerful items in my home, and they make me smile, so I don't really have a blue Monday!

And just for Anni - I finally found a tree branch with my initial "L"

Remember...Wednesday is my day to host a story created from a picture you have taken. Instructions are on the blog.

Linda Kay
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